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Metal textures | Metalier Liquid Metal

Metal textures are featured in the entrance ways to Auckland Council’s Administration Building

Metalier’s commission to re-clad the posts and lintels of Auckland Council’s Administration Building was a showcase for our metal textures.

Three metals and four metal textures were used in the composition

The metals are copper in the texture we call “Muse”.  Bronze features in two metal textures, one called “Imagine” and the other “Papyrus”.  Papyrus is created using sheets of paper – hence its name.  There is also a bronze raw finish which is an off- the- gun smooth finish with an interesting fleck through it.

The lintels are in our gunmetal grey bronze which we call Ravine.  This is in a very light texture and was rolled on site.

Metal textures are mostly created using our HP solvent binder

The lintels provided a challenge.  They couldn’t be taken out of the building but the architects Creative Spaces wanted to have a textured look.  It couldn’t be completed using the solvent binder, however, because there were people working in the building while the work was going on.  We solved the problem, however, and created a very light rolled finish which we could roll on site.  The posts were totally re-clad and the work done in our workshop.

Metal textures offer creative and design opportunities

Creative Spaces are to be congratulated on the design for the entryway and for integrating the choice of metals with the Maori lintel.  In its previous life the building had housed a bank.  The posts and lintels were a very yellow brass (not Metalier) which was so associated with the bank’s branding that it couldn’t remain.  The design solution by Creative Spaces acknowledges the partnership with Maori which is an essential part of all things in Aotearoa|New Zealand.

To inspire your muse check out the metals on our website and contact us for more information and to get your Metalier metal textures.


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Metal Veneer | Bronze

Metal Veneer | Bronze | Metalier Liquid Metal

Bronze is the new black

This authoritative statement was made to me this morning by one who would know.  Metalier Metal Veneer | Bronze is ready with a variety of metals, textures, waxes and patinas.  And it is ready to deliver a finish like the beautiful bronze bench designed by Marie Khouri pictured at a fraction of the cost of foundry or cast bronze.

The range of Metal Veneer | Bronze includes:


Smoky Bronze – is made to our recipe and unavailable from anyone other than Metalier.  This is a darker deeper moody and seductive bronze.

Gunmetal Grey Bronze  is actually a grey colour but has a bronze base.  This means that, although the metal is grey, it has the warmth of bronze.  It is the only bronze in the Metal veneer | bronze range that will not take a patina.  This is particularly useful in a wet area such as a kitchen or bathroom when a grey look is required but iron is too risky!  Again, Ravine is our own recipe and the metal available only from Metalier.

Special treatments to Metal Veneer | Bronze

Apart from Ravine, the bronzes can be treated with Metalier patinas to give a verdigris look, an aged look or a pearlescent effect.  They can also be darkened with black wax and textured in a number of interesting ways.  Check out the website to see the various patterns we and our distributors have devised including brique, jigsaw and transition.

Bronze veneer is frequently a better choice than solid bronze

There are many occasions when a veneer can be a better choice than cast or sheet bronze.  An example is the pool fencing shown on our site – the stainless steel substrate was much stronger than solid bronze would have been.  It is lighter too and it’s cost-effective.

Contact us to see how Metalier metal veneer can assist the execution of your great design.


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metal design

Metal Design with Metalier Liquid Metals

Metal Design is a Metalier skill

Metal design – exploring and pushing the boundaries are what we love best at Metalier.  The team's metal design skills can be required, for example, to work out how to create an aged brass patina for a kitchen fit-out.  They are currently working out a way to copper coat an old rustic steel door.  They have worked painstakingly to create the exact colour effect for a high end retail fit-out.

Metal Design is one part of what we do

We also go the second mile to help you realize your metal design ideas.  Right now we are working with a designer who wants to create a coffee table with differently styled legs.  We have sourced the wood-turner who has turned the legs, we have found the manufacturer who will make the table top and advise on the bracing of the legs.  And all of this is just part of the service.  We’ll let you know when the table is available and how you can buy one for yourself.

Chandeliers are a new metal design from Metalier

In this case the chandelier retailer new exactly what she wanted.  Sometimes it’s a bit difficult to get ideas out of other people’s heads and into a metal design that works.  We had a few iterations of the finish until we got it right.  But we’re always happy to work at it and the end result is amazing.  When the new shop is open we’ll tell you where it is and we’ll even post a picture of the completed light fitting.  I tell you this is something like you have never seen before.

Metal Design inspires us

There are so many beautiful metal ideas out there – we get so excited.

Your Metal Design can be your idea or ours

Metalier will work with you to create your vision.  We’ll make suggestions and let you have our ideas but we never boss – promise.  Well, if we do, we’ll be nice about it and you won’t even notice.

Contact us here.


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Design with metal | Metalier Liquid Metal

Metalier creates new opportunities to design with metal

Design with metal is exciting with Metalier Liquid Metal because of all the possible, affordable and challenging options that it allows.

Life is never dull at the Metalier workshop at HQ. To illustrate this right now in our workshop we have a number of amazing front doors about to grace homes in Parnell, Auckland, in Herne Bay and in Fiji.  We bathroom and kitchen vanities undergoing the Metalier design with metal treatment in Ravine/Gunmetal Bronze and brass.

We have some rusted filigree-style steel gates and booth dividers that will be sandblasted, galvanized and coated with copper.  This is design with metal simply not achievable in any other way.  These are going into a Parnell restaurant.

We have strand board which is being coated with black-waxed aluminium which is designed for a high-end fashion boutique – actually two of them:  one in Auckland and the other in Melbourne.

And while all this is going on we are working at perfecting our soon to be released new flooring, our panel system and exclusive light-fittings (more about this soon).  And this is not to mention coming up with new texture and sample ideas.  Our most popular right now our rolled steel look in Ravine/Gunmetal Bronze.

Metalier have a wide range of metals, textures and finishing techniques

The wide range of metals, the wide range of textures and effects and the range of patinas and waxes ensure that your design with metal is unique.  Add to that the fact that every finish is hand-crafted and you truly have individual and unique design with metal.

Most of the commissions Metalier undertakes would not be possible without Metalier Liquid Metal.  The restaurant pieces, for example, would be astronomically expensive if cast in solid copper, the strand board in the boutiques would have literally weighed a tonne and the light-fittings.  Just not possible – full stop.

To explore your ideas for design with metal contact the teams either at HQ in New Zealand, in the UK or in Texas USA.  One of the best things about Metalier is that each and every one in our world-wide team bring another aesthetic and new creativity proving that design with metal possibilities are endless.


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metal design solutions

Metal Design Solutions | Metalier Liquid Metal

Metal design solutions are what Metalier does best.

We find solutions that just wouldn’t be there if you were trying to use sheet or foundry metal.

Here are some examples of our metal design solutions

  1. The portholes in the bathrooms of The Sugar Club. The Sugar Club incidentally just won its designers, Jasmax, a gold pin in The Designers Institute Best Awards in the Spatial Design Hospitality category.  It was The Sugar Club design that won the award, not just the bathrooms, but as our brass covers a good 30% of the walls in the Club we figure it’s partly our award too!

The portholes could simply not have been created so easily and cost-effectively without Metalier’s metal design solutions.

  1. Staying with brass again – we’re coating some steel handles for a customer. They wanted solid brass but brass was too weak – actually they said week but we knew what they meant.  Another metal design solution from Metalier!
  2. And just think of complicated. There is nothing more complicated than the mock Swiss army knife design in Sylvia Park Mall.   Instead of things for taking stones out of horses’ hooves and such-like, there is an oar, a pair of skis and poles, an ice pick, a snow board and a bicycle as well as a corkscrew and a bottle-opener.  There was no practical way of making that piece without metal design solutions from Metalier liquid metal.  This design was completed in aluminium.
  3. And if weight is a problem Metalier liquid metal rust selections are metal design solutions in themselves. A standard sheet of corten steel weighs 100kg or so.  The same sized sheet of Metalier’s liquid metal rust on MDF weighs about 15 kg.  And it’s so much easier to machine.  And it doesn’t leach and it doesn’t eventually just disappear.

For metal design solutions come to the experts either at HQ in NZ, in the UK or in the USA.  Throw us your metal problems and test our mettle.  (Sorry!)


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liquid metal coatings

Liquid Metal Coatings | Talent in Brunei

Metalier Liquid Metal Coatings in Brunei

Metalier metal veneer is artistically and creatively applied and finished by Mettech Design Solution of Brunei Darussaalam.

Yani and Wafi of Mettech are the talented distributors of Metalier Liquid Metal Coatings in the island of Borneo including Brunei, Sarawak and Sabah.

Mettech was trained in-house in Brunei.

The Metalier Liquid Metal Coatings design team relished the opportunity to visit Brunei.  While there they were royally treated too!  It was a good call to visit there in this instance as Will and Tony were able to address and solve on the spot any issues that arose because of the heat of the tropics.

Mettech Liquid Metal Coatings have created a stunning showroom

The Mettech showroom illustrates the unlimited possibilities of Metalier Liquid Metal Coatings.  It showcases our mantra that each designer will interpret each finish slightly differently from others.  This is one of the things that keeps our Liquid Metal Coatings vibrant, exciting and in constant development.

Liquid Metal Coatings transcend boundaries of culture and religion.

Mettech have shown this with their work of kalimaALLAH – a significant aluminium finished piece on a wooden substrate featured above.

Contrast this with the Polystyrene mannequin heads in iron and brass.

Or Mr Stark!

Back here at HQ, we have been involved with the redesign of the old ASB Building, now home to Auckland Council.  The lintels and plinths of the three main entranceways have been clad in liquid metals coatings that evoke a Maori ethic.  We’ll showcase that work when the building has been opened officially.  We’ve done “Italy” at The Sugar Club  and we are looking forward to the Russian style that will no doubt shortly reveal itself in Ekaterinburg.

For Metalier style in your country – whether you want us to produce something for you or to become one of the team why don’t you contact us now?  There are many countries and areas still waiting for Metalier to arrive.  You could take us there.


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Liquid metal for cars

Metalier | Liquid Metal for Cars

Metalier Liquid Metal for cars to be noticed!

Liquid Metal for cars was a Pintarest inspiration this morning.  A beautiful VW was just waiting for me to pin and I couldn’t resist it.  Check it out.

Liquid Metal for cars is the star of our hero shot

I have to confess that this beautiful model wasn’t actually done with Metalier Liquid Metal.  But it certainly could have been.  A vintage car to coat would be a dream project for Metalier Liquid Metal for cars.  Not only is the car shape amazing but so is the coating.  It looks as if a bronze to achieve this effect.

In New Zealand  there is a van we see often that has been covered with grass.  It’s advertising a lawn service and certainly turns heads.

Liquid Metal for cars can help you to make a compelling statement about your business

Personal number plates have been used by businesses as part of their marketing persona to great effect and still have their place.  But a number plate is so small compare to the whole canvas of a car or a van or even a bus.  Why not?

Imagine a vehicle coated in liquid metal in brightly burnished copper, or perhaps rust or a patinated texture like our smoky bronze.  Heads would certainly turn and your business would be noted.  I would love to coat my own car:  my only problem is that there are so many options I can’t make up my mind.

You don’t have to be in the design industry, or the automotive industry or any particular industry to use liquid metal for cars to showcase your business.  All you need is to want to create a stylish innovative statement about who you are and what you stand for.  It’s like driving a head-turning car - a Ferrari for example - without the huge investment.  It’s a no-brainer when you think about it, isn’t it?

Contact us to make your vehicle turn heads.


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metal veneer; aluminium decorative metal coating; liquid metal; restaurant bar

Metal Veneer | Aluminium | Metalier Liquid Metal

Metal Veneer | Aluminium is a popular design choice.

Aluminium was used to great effect in The Sugar Club in Auckland.   It offset the predominantly brass colours of the restaurant walls and the bling of the sheet brass on the main bar.  Metal Veneer | Aluminium was used on the kitchen bar – the doings end, if you like, of the restaurant.

Metal Veneer |Aluminium looks great on floor boards.

Metalier metal veneer, whether in aluminium or one of the other metals is eminently suitable for floors.  When it is protected with Metalier Nano Metal Clear Coat  it is extremely durable and easily cleaned.  Bringing a range of metal-coated floor boards to market is at the top of the list of our R & D projects.

Metal Veneer | Aluminium can be applied to solid aluminium too.

One of our strap-lines since our early days back in 2005 was “Real Metal on anything” meaning a real metal coating on any substrate.  The only things we can’t coat are waxed surfaces and people which is probably a good thing.  I was very disappointed to learn, however, that the murder of the Bond girl at the beginning of Goldfinger was scientifically impossible.

Aluminium and other metals are ideal substrates for Metalier metal veneer.  The only extra thing we need to do is to apply a barrier coat between the metal substrate and the metal veneer | aluminium to ensure osmosis does not occur.

In fact aluminium is an ideal substrate for front doors for example.  It is light, relatively inexpensive and it doesn’t warp. The lightness of the substrate combined with the lightness of the Metalier coating means that a grand “solid metal” door can be created without the need to strengthen the door supports or the building.

We have some great ideas for door designs – if you would like to see them contact us here and we’ll send them to you.


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brass and bronze metal tree

Metal Art | Metalier Liquid Metal

Metalier Liquid Metal is the ideal vehicle for creating metal art. 

Our USA Master Distributors have trained one of their customers in the use of Metalier Liquid Metal textures. Herbert’s metal art creation is the product of his creativity.  It was made on his second day of training.  We can’t want to see what he will turn out as he becomes even more practised.

Herbert has used bronze to create the background textures for the ground, the tree and the sun.  The foliage on the tree is brass dabbed on afterwards.

Metalier finishes are handcrafted

All Metalier finishes are hand-crafted and are, in a sense, all metal art.  One of the finishes on the website is bronze jigsaw with black wax.  One of our Auckland clients wanted more high-polished highs and “moodier” lows.  Below is the finish we created.

Metalier applied to collages by New Zealand Artist Alexander Bartleet made them metal art

Alex’s genre is to collect everyday objects, mount them in a collage as randomly as possible and preserve them with resins.  He then finishes them with a variety of different media – acrylics and in one year Metalier liquid metals.

We worked with Alex in the metals of his choice – brass, bronze, aluminium and rusts and our Metalier technicians sprayed our metals onto the mounted objects.  Alex then completed the painstaking hand-sanding of the multitude of small different surfaces created by the many objects he used – an old casette tape particularly caught my eye.  Alex uses thousands of objects in his artworks that document the current environment he lives in.  Metalier is proud to be associated with an award-winning emerging artist.

Contact us to learn about how Metalier can bring metal art into your environment.


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copper basin; polished copper basin

Copper Basins | Metalier Liquid Metal

Copper basins and sinks are elegant and beautiful

Copper basins and sinks are known for their elegance and beauty.  They make art out of workaday functional must-have essentials.  Copper basins and sinks create rich character and make the mundane into a thing of beauty.  With Metalier copper basins the ordinary and the regular become something that is a pleasure to use.

Copper basins have anti-microbial qualities

There is much generally-accepted evidence that copper is naturally anti-microbial.  So the surfaces of copper basins are highly beneficial in the prevention of the spread of bacteria.  Copper is, in fact, the material of choice for frequently touched surfaces where hygiene is of paramount importance.  Think healthcare facilities, rest and retirement homes and hospitals.

Health benefits of copper known since ancient times

The Egyptians used copper to make drinking vessels and water pipes and we bet they had copper basins and sinks as well.  Some had copper bracelets to ward off disease.  Although the ancient Egyptians and Greeks probably didn’t realise it, copper is an effective antimicrobial material destroying 99.9% of bacteria within 2 hours of exposure.  Copper basins are a great supplement for other standard infection control practices.

With Metalier copper you can love the planet too

Metalier metal is applied so finely that you use only a small amount of this amazing natural resource.  We can save it for generations to come while enjoying it every day.

The copper first lady has a commercial message

We mean the Statue of Liberty not Michelle Obama!  The statue’s recent restoration has confirmed that copper was clearly a good idea 100 years ago.  Now with advances in technology and with the availability of Metalier Liquid Metal, copper is an even better idea today, and copper basins a great way to enjoy copper in your home, office, workplace and health facilities.

The first lady’s message is:

  • Copper for beauty
  • Copper for warmth
  • Copper for carefree maintenance
  • Copper for the ages

Contact us to find out how Metalier can deliver, not only copper basins, but also green copper – in colour and ecologically too.


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