Metalier Coatings opened its New Zealand doors in 2005. We are now a global brand and a global purveyor of  our exciting and fantastic liquid metal coating systems.

And we have such fun. Learn the hows and whys of Metalier.

Our inspiration

Our team established the Metalier business in 2005. We began life as applicators for another brand. We weren’t happy with the results and thought – there must be a better way of doing this.

And there is – and we have created it.

We love metal, we love great design and we love having fun

What we do transforms the simple, cheap, boring and mundane into sumptuous, glorious and simply gorgeous real metal. It is so exciting to see the results of our work of transformation. We love it and we always get a buzz when a finish turns out even better than we have imagined. And the thrill of seeing patinas bloom before our eyes never fades.

Our work is fun and it’s creative and it’s hands-on

Because we are applicators as well as manufacturers we are constantly working on new cool and clever ways of creating new finishes and colours and stretching our product to its limits and beyond.

We are proudly based in AotearoaNew Zealand

We live and breathe our product and we learn more about it every day. And we are so excited by it that we want to share that with everyone else around the world.  So far we have devotees, both distributors and applicators in the UK, the USA, India, Australia, Belgium, Brunei,  Russia and Vietnam.  And every day the in-box in our computers is full of emails from all over the world – from new companies and people who want to be part of the Metalier journey. It is so stimulating as each day brings new challenges (which is how we grow) and new openings and opportunities.

Talk to us – you’ll find us easy to deal with, prompt, efficient and fun. The telephone number is +64 9 3767099 or complete the form below:

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Mary Whaley

Mary, who was a lawyer in another life, runs the local and international businesses from the Metalier Headquarters in Henderson, Auckland. Mary handles international inquiries and marketing and overall direction of the business with plenty of challenge from the others in the team.

Mary is passionate about good design and loves the concept of “metal as art” which sums up Metalier’s business perfectly. Mary is also very hands-on answering queries from our international customers and distributors. Their success is Metalier’s success.

Humour, as we’ve said, is an important part of our business and the relationship among the company directors. “Eat cake for breakfast” on the bag in the picture sums up Mary’s sense of humour perfectly. It’s both good design and its fun!

Will Whaley; Metalier liquid metal. decorative metal coatings

William Whaley

Will, who has a degree in geology and experience working for gold, nickel and copper mines, fills the role of in-house and international technical support.

Will no longer has a hands-on role in the company but he is very much available to help with his experience of working with Metalier. We have new staff, trained by Will, who impart all the knowledge you need to be an ace Metalier applicator or distributor.

Kenneth Whaley

Ken, who is a qualified accountant – but don’t hold that against him – is Chief Financial Officer of the Metalier group.

Ken fulfils a very useful role in the quoting part of the local business. He is chief plan reader. Ken is also responsible for the overall finances of the enterprise. He also has the patience and knowledge to attend to all those compliance matters that plague the modern business. Metalier couldn’t manage without him.

From someone who once eschewed computers, Ken now emails, TXTs, works in Xero and even checks in on Facebook. He’s come a long long way.