Metalier creates new opportunities to design with metal

Design with metal is exciting with Metalier Liquid Metal because of all the possible, affordable and challenging options that it allows.

Life is never dull at the Metalier workshop at HQ. To illustrate this right now in our workshop we have a number of amazing front doors about to grace homes in Parnell, Auckland, in Herne Bay and in Fiji.  We bathroom and kitchen vanities undergoing the Metalier design with metal treatment in Ravine/Gunmetal Bronze and brass.

We have some rusted filigree-style steel gates and booth dividers that will be sandblasted, galvanized and coated with copper.  This is design with metal simply not achievable in any other way.  These are going into a Parnell restaurant.

We have strand board which is being coated with black-waxed aluminium which is designed for a high-end fashion boutique – actually two of them:  one in Auckland and the other in Melbourne.

And while all this is going on we are working at perfecting our soon to be released new flooring, our panel system and exclusive light-fittings (more about this soon).  And this is not to mention coming up with new texture and sample ideas.  Our most popular right now our rolled steel look in Ravine/Gunmetal Bronze.

Metalier have a wide range of metals, textures and finishing techniques

The wide range of metals, the wide range of textures and effects and the range of patinas and waxes ensure that your design with metal is unique.  Add to that the fact that every finish is hand-crafted and you truly have individual and unique design with metal.

Most of the commissions Metalier undertakes would not be possible without Metalier Liquid Metal.  The restaurant pieces, for example, would be astronomically expensive if cast in solid copper, the strand board in the boutiques would have literally weighed a tonne and the light-fittings.  Just not possible – full stop.

To explore your ideas for design with metal contact the teams either at HQ in New Zealand, in the UK or in Texas USA.  One of the best things about Metalier is that each and every one in our world-wide team bring another aesthetic and new creativity proving that design with metal possibilities are endless.


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