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Metalier liquid metal chocolate bronze polish
Chocolate Bronze
Metalier liquid metal smoky bronze polish
Smoky Bronze
Metalier liquid metal Oil-rubbed bronze polish
Oil-Rubbed Bronze
Metalier lquid metal gunmetal bronze polish
Gunmetal Bronze

Metalier bronze liquid metal, like the metal itself, is hard and tough

Bronze is available in five different shades. There is regular bronze, smoky bronze (a sultry moody colour) and chocolate bronze (which is a darker shade than regular bronze). In addition there is a hybrid we make which gives the effect of oil-rubbed bronze. Finally there is gunmetal bronze which is actually a very dark grey. We call it gunmental bronze as bronze is the largest component of it.

Bronze is a very versatile metal

Metalier bronze liquid metal is one of the strongest and most versatile of the Metalier metals. It has many different faces and hues. That makes it a favourite with designers and architects. And, of course, bronze was so significant in antiquity that it even had its own age: the Bronze Age. It only gave way to iron because iron was easier to find and easier to process.

Bronze liquid metal can be patinated and waxed to create a variety of different effects

Metalier’s raw bronze finish, like the raw finishes in the other metals, is the opposite to a high-polished finish. A high-polished finish requires the metal to be first exposed and then sanded through the grades until a high polish is achieved. When a high shine is desired polishes and buffers are used. A raw finish is where the metal is not fully exposed so that it looks – well “raw”. This look can be combined with more polished areas for a contrasting effect.

Gunmetal bronze isn’t brown like other bronzes – it’s grey. Gunmetal bronze is a beautiful dark grey . It can be highly polished or left raw. When “raw” it almost looks like cold rolled steel.

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