Our Metalier Distributors create our success.

It’s holiday season and time to reflect on the amazing year we’ve had in 2014.  And our success can be attributed first and foremost to our amazing Metalier Distributors.

First of our Metalier Distributors is Granlyn in the UK:

First on board and first to spread the word – Craig and Ali are great business people, great Metalier advocates and great friends.  Thanks guys.

Second of the Metalier Distributors is Mettech in Brunei:

Yani and Wafi do fabulous work which they post regularly on Facebook.  They are great friends too and the produce beautiful children as well as beautiful metal.  The talent!  Go Brunei.

And third we have Singapore:

Richard and his team have presented Metalier at a show in Singapore and got great feedback.  They are poised to leap forward – we’re poised to see where they land!

Fourth of the Metalier Distributors is in Yekaterinburg in the Russian Federation: You won’t believe how long and how difficult it has been to get Metalier products into Russia.  But now they are there and in the hands of a team that we know are going to be fabulous performers.  Andrew’s tenacity has been amazing – I would have thrown my toys long before but Andrew has persisted.  Thank you so much.

AND WE’RE TALKING TO:Indonesia, Thailand, the Middle East, India and Iran. And we have appointed “finders” in France and Belgium. We have had a phenomenal year.  We are truly grateful.

Thank you Metalier Distributors!  Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you want to join the party contact us soon.

Happy holidays everyone from:

Mary,  Ken, Will & Lizzi


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