Metalier Coatings is looking for distributors, applicators and OEMs in Belgium and the Netherlands

So what is Metalier?

It is a cold liquid metal coating system.  It is a metal veneer that enables you to make any substrate look like solid metal.

It’s alchemy at its best and most scientific.

Metalier Liquid Metal is used by architects, designers, sign-writers, boat-builders, joinery companies, film companies and artists.

As a Metalier applicator or distributor you will have a vast range of people wanting our product.  We will show you how to apply and finish the coatings.  We will show you how to make textures, to use wax, to make rust and other wonderful effects.  We also show you how to make money using Metalier – we show you our panel systems, our flooring and our art options.  You can make money by becoming a stand-alone Metalier applicator or by adding the range to your existing business.

Our UK distributors, Granlyn Specialist Coatings, have changed their business from supplying auto-paints to becoming a coatings specialist.  It was Metalier and the success of the coating that gave Granlyn the confidence to make this change.

But don’t take our word for it – ask Craig or Alison McDonald yourselves.

Craig’s telephone number is +44 7855 487532 and you can email him here.

Alison’s telephone number is + 44 7791 890459 and you can email her here.

There are other coatings in the market place and we expect you to do your due diligence.

As you will find out Metalier is head and shoulders above the opposition mainly because Metalier is easier to work with and because we offer competitive pricing.  We also offer good technical support and we are actually good people to deal with.

Our Russian distributor Andrew Skipin to us but Андрей Скипин at home says of us:

“I never tire of thanking you for your such matchless service and care. Your attitude to our business like to your own one.”

Our happy customers include Paul Smith in London and Hamburg, Hacketts of Regent Street, The Sugar Club and Christian Dior in Auckland and Melbourne.  Metalier finishes are featured in Restaurant no 18 of Architecture and Design’s article 24 Life Changing Restaurants to Experience before you die.

Our representative in Belgium and Netherlands is Moustafa Mokhtari.

If the world of Metalier sounds like you contact Moustafa now on Tel +32499986019 or email him .  Moustafa speaks French and English and his wife speaks Dutch as well.  So there is nothing to hold you back!


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