Rust doors by Metalier Liquid Metal featured in the TV Show “How did you do that”. 

If your missed the show you can check out the video here.  The rust door in the show was done in the pattern we call transition.

Metalier has many rust door options

Because we make our own patina Metalier can offer many different rust options for your doors.

The different patinas available mean that you can choose a dark brown, yellow, red or even a volcanic colour for your rust door.  One of the beauties of Metalier rust is that it is only the fine Metalier coating that is actually rusting not the substrate which remains intact.  And with Metalier Nano Clear Coat you can protect the rust from damage by the elements or from curious people touching it.

Metalier rust gives you all the design beauty of rust without the degradation and destruction associated with regular rust.

It’s not only rust doors that are popular at Metalier right now – we have recently completed two double doors for an apartment in Fiji that are light-textured copper.  (Clever client –he must have heard the whisper that copper is the new black!)  And we’ve in the process of completing copper doors in a filigree pattern for a soon-to-open Parnell restaurant.  Now they were a challenge but more about that later.

There are so many design options available with Metalier and we love the chance to help you make your front door (or boardroom door – or bathroom door for that matter) make a statement.  You know that we can section off parts of doors and use different metals or different patterns and textures to create unique statements.

We’ve got lots of designs which we’d love to show you or we will work with your ideas.

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