Distributor opportunities are still available in some countries for Metalier liquid metal coating systems.

Distributor opportunities are still available in some areas. We are incredibly proud, however, that Metalier is now represented in 4 continents – North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

And we’re in 12 countries – HQ in NZ, with training hubs and distribution centres in NZ, the UK & Europe and in USA & Canada. We have a master distributor in India and a distributor in the Middle East.

Plus we’re in Belgium, Brunei, Russia, Vietnam and the Philippines and our newest distributors are in Holland and Australia.

Do you want?

  • A proven liquid metal coating system
  • Really good pricing
  • Durable solvent coatings
  • Flexible and water-based coatings
  • Hands-on friendly technical support
  • New finishes regularly

If you want all this (and more) then you should choose the distributor opportunities offered by Metalier.

We’d love to be represented in more countries in Europe, South America and Asia.

Applicator opportunities are also available throughout the world.

If a distributorship is not for you then becoming a Metalier applicator could be the smart business move that puts you head and shoulders above the competition. Becoming an applicator will appeal to companies in the building and product industries, furniture and door makers, sign-writers and designers who want to broaden their offerings.

Our flexible metal coatings have been specially designed and formulated for purchase by film prop and LARP companies to provide a product that gives them flexibility, speed and durability.

To apply to become an applicator in your country or a Metalier distributor, please contact us:

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Frequently Asked Questions

As we have no control over the application or installation of the product, we do not provide a blanket guarantee from Head Office. Site-specific guarantees are available from our distributors with our support when they have been able to control the application of the product and all aspects of the job.

Our tests have shown, in any case, that the life-expectancy of our Metalier High-Performance solvent metal coatings is up to 25 years, and our water-based metal coatings up to 12-15 years.

You can be confident, however, in the performance, durability, and reliability of Metalier Coatings.

When you become an authorised distributor of our metal coatings, we supply you with comprehensive manuals, and hands-on training in our New Zealand, Birmingham UK and US facilities.  If you are not able to travel, our roving trainer can come to you. Your nearest hub is available to answer all your technical questions during business hours.

We provide you with SDS/MSDS sheets, test results and specification sheets for you to provide to architects and other specifiers.

You will also have your own country section attached to our global website, so that you benefit immediately by Metalier’s international internet rankings.

Full price lists are available when you apply to become an applicator or distributor.

Our research informs us, however, that our prices are 25% lower than any other manufacturer of solvent-based metal coatings, and we are the only company supplying water-based metal coatings and flexible metal coatings in the world.

Metalier has distribution outlets in Birmingham UK, Elkhart IN. USA  and Auckland New Zealand so both hemispheres are well served.

2kg packs of Metalier metals and binder can be dispatched from UK, USA and NZ within 2-3 working days.  Distributor packs containing 20kg binder and 50kg metal to cover 70 sq m with a smooth finish have a lead time of up to 6 weeks.  Larger quantities may take a little longer. When you order we will give you a dispatch date.

Exclusivity in your region may be available to proven performers who put up a viable business case.

As a New Zealand company, we are down-to-earth, practical people who are extremely easy to deal with.  So are our distributors in UK, USA and our representatives in India.

We work with our international distributors and applicators to help them build their businesses. Training is required for new users. This can be at one of our hubs in UK USA or New Zealand or our roving trainer can come to you. We are also about to launch a comprehensive on line training system for those who are not able to travel.

We are hands-on applicators in New Zealand, doing exactly what you will be doing in your country. This means we have a deep understanding of how to use our coatings. We are not ivory-tower executives removed from the day-to-day reality of the application business.

Our own chemist has formulated all our products, which means you will receive first-hand technical support. It also means we can manufacture anywhere in the world without restriction if your required quantities warrant it.

Our water-based and flexible metal coatings are unique in the world giving you a competitive advantage.

In a nutshell, Metalier offers unique products, the water based system and the flexible coatings system, we are easy to deal with, you don’t have to jump through any hoops and our pricing is attractive and designed to help you grow your business.