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Brass Hardware | Metalier Coatings

Brass Hardware has come of age | Metalier Liquid Metal

Brass Hardware is now modern and sophisticated, like the shelves at The Sugar Club above.  It’s quite unlike the 1980s look and feel.  Brass took a bit of a knock when aluminium hardware flooded the market with cheaper imports from China.  Aluminium also suited the minimalist age.  While minimalism still has its devotees, including us, there are times when a little more is required.  And if we are really honest, we’re less minimalist than we used to be.

Metalier Liquid Metal transforms aluminium hardware into copper or brass

While there is always a time and place for traditional brass hardware made of the solid metal, Metalier offers a very cost-effective solution to having your hardware cake and eating it too.  Both brass and copper, and also our mountain gold have been used in white kitchens to great effect.  These warm colours warm up the kitchen.  They look stunning, too, against black.

Metalier can change your cost-effective aluminium fittings into the metal of your dreams.  You can co-ordinate the accessories throughout your home or office or retail outlet.  Just think – taps, door handles, hinges, shelves, cupboard handles, push plates, kick plates and light switches can all be customized and unique to you.  It’s great to have alternatives that don’t break the bank.

And just think of the metal options you have with Metalier – the “obvious” ones like brass, bronze, copper and mountain gold and the less obvious ones such as rose gold, blush aluminium, smoky bronze and gunmetal bronze.  We’re also about to launch another lot of metals too – zinc, nickel silver, black copper, pewter and chocolate bronze.

If you would like to talk to us more about getting your hardware coated or to be kept informed about our new metal releases, contact us here or fill out the contact form below.  We love hearing from you.


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metal design solution

Choose a metal design solution from Metalier - see why ...

A Metalier Metal design Solution – light, durable and it won’t break the bank

Metalier’s liquid metal coatings can solve your issues with a metal design solution tailored around your problem.  Metalier coatings are light and extremely durable indoors and out.  They allow you to use metal in ways that are simply not possible if you were limited to cast or sheet metals.

Metalier Coatings save you money

Most spectacularly Metalier metal veneers can provide a metal design solution for kinetic sculptures.  On large kinetic pieces Metalier has the potential to save literally millions of dollars.  Kinetic art is almost always made on a grand scale pieces designed to perform and entrance out doors in civic or national venues.  The problem with grand scale pieces in sheet or strip metal is that they come with grand scale prices too.  The durability of Metalier means that it can be used as a substitute.  Metalier is the “go to” company to provide a metal design solution for kinetic art.

Metalier is very light.

The lightness of Metalier coatings means that it offers a metal design solution when weight is, or is potentially, an issue.  Metalier specializes in producing amazing doors for homes, offices, and for retail and hospitality venues.  In almost every case the customer wants to have the look and feel of metal but doesn’t want to have to do a work out every time the door is opened and closed.  And no-one wants the extra expense of the strengthening required to support a solid or sheet-metal cladded door.  See, it even sounds heavy just to say the words.

Metalier goes round corners and edges

With a Metalier door there is no way that you can tell that it is not solid metal.  Because Metalier metals can be applied seamlessly to edges the whole door looks chunky and – well – solid.  What more could you want?

We love the design featured on this page.  It’s called “Arlo Agoseris” (Mountain Dandelion) by Mark Baltes and Ken McCall and it’s installed at Liquidity wineries in British Columbia – sounds like a great place to visit for the wines, the bistro and the art.

If you would like to know more about how Metalier can provide a metal design solution for you please contact us by phone or skype or email or complete the form below.  We love hearing from you.


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Metal lace, copper lace

Metal Lace | Exquisite coatings by Metalier Liquid Metal

Metal Lace in its Metalier incarnation is unique.

It is different to the traditional types of lace made with metal or metallic threads.  Metal lace by Metalier is a pattern laid onto the metal substrate.  It becomes an integral part of the substrate and the Metalier design teams work their magic to create different finishes using waxes and patinas.

The words metal and lace conjure up contrary images.

Metal implies strength and lace implies delicacy so “metal lace” together are a sort of juxtaposition.  This is what adds to the appeal of the concept – the juxtaposition of the two contracting elements to highlight their differences.

Metal lace can be in any pattern

Metalier metal lace is created by using textile laces in the process.  This means that the pattern can be unique or can be repeated depending on the required look.  And as always with Metalier ‘s handcrafted finishes every piece will be different and special.  And with the wide variety of metals, waxes and patinas in our portfolio you can ensure a special personalised look for your front door or feature wall, or kitchen cupboards or whatever else works in your home, office, hospitality or retail fit-out.

Ornate is beautiful

While minimalism isn’t dead, and we wouldn’t want it to be, sumptuous, luxurious richness is very popular with designers at present.  And it is the dual characteristics of the raw element of metal with the fineness and softness of lace that gives metal lace its finesse and enigmatic quality.

One of our favourite designers is about to launch a range of exquisite copper lace tables and the picture above is a sneak preview of part of what she has designed.  Watch this space to learn when the table range is available or contact us now to create your own special metal lace.  You could also reach us by completing the form below.


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Polished metal. Metalier liquid metal

Polished metal from Metalier Coatings

High Polished Metal is a designer favourite

The various metals come and go in popularity but the preference for polish remains constant.

In New Zealand at present brass is the favourite polished metal. 

It featured in The iconic Sugar Club in 2013 and has been specified in a new pub in Dunedin.  We have a bathtub in polished brass currently in our workshop waiting collection.  It actually looks gorgeous – it’s an old-fashioned free-standing tub with antique clawed feet.  It’s painted black on the outside which shows off and contrasts with the brass to great effect.  We particularly like brass with white – it looks clean and fresh but luxurious at the same time.

In the UK copper is currently the preferred polished metal

Our distributors in the UK tell us that it’s copper that is the “on-trend” polished metal at the moment.  And it seems that we’re following along here too with copper ceilings being specified in another South Island fit-out, in a Parnell restaurant, Woodpecker Hill and a new fit-out which we are longing to see completed.  This time it is going to be copper that is matched with white in a cross pattern.

All Metalier metals can be polished except iron

Actually iron can be a polished metal, it just never reaches the high sheen of the other metals in the Metalier range. Aluminium, brass, bronze, smoky bronze, copper and gunmetal bronze can all be highly polished.  So can our own metal mixes – classic gold, rose gold and aluminium blush.

We’re about to introduce new metals too.  On the drawing board for May 2015 are Zinc and Chocolate Bronze.  We can hardly wait to release them – in the workshop they’re putting the final touches on the samples now.

Contact us here or complete the form below to be the first to see the new metals.


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Rust design, Metalier liquid metal, transition pattern

Rust design | Metalier Liquid Metal

Metalier Rust Design is on TV again

We’re taking part in another series of How Did You do that? – This time it’s about a commercial fit-out for Bellbird Productions.   If you missed it on Choice TV you can go to their website and live stream it on your computer.  It features in Episode 3 (“Ep 3” if you’re in the business).  And there is more coming.

Metalier Rust Design is featured with a green wall

Ep 3 shows 3 Metalier rust design panels being erected onto a solid wall along with a green wall.  Plants are planted into green porous containers and slotted into a wall.  Everything is placed on the wall with the aid of a cherry picker.  Rust as an organic process sits well with the organic green of the plants and the planter boxes.

Metalier’s Rust Design range

Metalier produces a range of different rust effects.  Different colours of rust design can be produced using our unique Metalier patinas.  Metalier produces yellow rust, red rust, volcanic rust and brown rust design.  You can also create patterns in rust.  Our pattern which we’ve called transition combines rust in the low points with raw iron in the upper parts.

Metalier Rust Design is real rust

Metalier works with real metal.  Its rust design is created with real iron and real patina.  But it is purely decorative.  It has the same characteristics as destructive rust but does none of the damage.  This is because Metalier iron only rusts the very thing coating of Metalier.  It doesn’t go on to destroy the substrate.  This has a number of advantages.  The substrate is unharmed for one and because the process is stopped it doesn’t leach and dribble.  Much nicer!

At Metalier we have applied our rust design to doors, to panels, to fireplaces – all to great effect.  For a little rust in your life contact us here or complete the form below.


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Metalier liquid metal

Why you should choose Metalier Liquid Metal

Metalier Liquid Metal – Why it's a great choice

This week an architect challenged me to outline the reasons why you would use Metalier Liquid Metal instead of sheet metal.  On the job being specified flat panels were required.  The benefits of Metalier Liquid Metal being able to go round curves and corners and be flexible were of no advantage in this particular fit out.  And the cost of sheet brass and Metalier Liquid Metal bass panels was about the same.

At Metalier we love a challenge.

Here are our answers:

  1. Weight. 

Metalier coatings are much lighter than brass sheets so there is no need to strengthen walls and bracing.  Because they are lighter, Metalier sheets and panels are more convenient to handle.

  1. Convenience.

Metalier coatings can be made in sheets to the desired size, whether this is large or small.  There is no standard size.

  1. Tooling savings

The tooling required to cut sheets of brass on site tend to heat up the metal to an unacceptable level.  This means that the sheets of brass usually need to be cut off site using a guillotine to give a straight smooth cut.  Metalier panels can be cut on site to any shape using cut off wheel or duel blade saws which are easier to handle.  The coating will also not heat when being cut in this way.

  1. Safety

Safety is less of a concern on site as you are not dealing with a razor sharp sheet of metal.

  1. Patterns and textures

Metalier can be patterned and textured in a way not possible with sheet metal.  Sheet metal would not be a suitable medium for the beautiful flower motif used as our hero shot.

It’s great to be challenged and to have to “go back to basics” of why?  We know why but we need to be able to tell you too.

For more whys and how to order your Metalier Liquid Metal panels contact us here  or complete the contact form below.


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Elegant doorways, doorways, entrance doors

Elegant doorways | Metalier Liquid Metal

Elegant doorways need style and light: Metalier Liquid Coatings

At Metalier we specialize in making entrances and doorways into design statements.  Metalier’s liquid metal is a good place to begin if you want to make a statement with your door.

Doorways can be simple or exotic

Like the mosque doorway pictured doorways can be as exotic as your imagination will allow.  The photograph in this blog comes courtesy of David Latt’s blog “”.  The mosque is in Morocco and features detailed and beautiful tiles and metalwork on very tall doorways.  David tells us that the mosque overlooks the breakwater and harbour.  It sounds almost too good to be true.

Doorways need light

When you are designing your doorways you need to give consideration to lighting.  This applies to every material you use but is particularly so when you are using metal, whether it is Metalier liquid metal or sheet metal.

Metal gleams, shines and reveals its light when it is in the light.  That message was brought home loud and clear to us when we had a kitchen with a stainless steel bench.  There were no curtains or blinds as the location meant there was no need for privacy.  The morning sun would stream in and hit the bench.  It was blinding!  We had to put a towel over the bench – which somewhat defeated the purpose.

The stainless steel example was extreme but, nevertheless, it reinforces the point.  Metal reflects light and needs good lighting so that it appears burnished, rich and full.  Metalier liquid metals are real metals and require the same lighting as their sheet metal cousins.  This can be natural light from outside or it can be artificial.  In corridors and apartment doorways, it is particularly important to make sure that the lighting will enhance your beautiful doorways.

We can advise which of our finishes will best suit your entranceway.  Contact us now to talk it through either be telephone, email or by completing the form below to find out more about all the options Metalier can offer.


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Michael Graves metal design

Michael Graves Metal Design | A tribute

Michael Graves a metal design icon has died

Metalier notes with regret the passing of Michael Graves metal design icon and architect.  We discovered Michael Graves metal design in the 80's when he designed for Alessi the celebrated kettle.  Like everyone we loved the bird that sings when the water boils.  We also had to have the little sugar bowl and the milk jug that go with it.  The influences on the design of the kettle included Art Deco and Pop Art.

Michael Graves’ design is a leading example of how good design can enrich our lives

The testimonials to Graves’ design are many.  Bill Clinton, former US president said “Michael Graves has created art that surrounds our lives”.   Aldo Rossi said “I hope that Michael continues to design this world and deploy his superb abilities as an architect in order to tell us a tale of distinct ages or eras to come”.  And Michael Eisner, the former President of Disney Corporation said “Michael Graves is an architect for whom design has no boundaries.  There is no such thing as an insignificant object”.

So little kettle you will continue to sing on.  You will do your work of heating the water for the tea or coffee.  And you will continue to please with your beauty and amuse with your singing bird.

I’m sure that many others think similarly.  The teakettle has been Alessi’s top-selling product every year since its debut in 1985 so there are a lot of fans out there.

Michael Graves metal design was only part of his design work

Graves was one of the New York Five group of New York City Architects who had a common allegiance to a pure form of architectural modernism.   He defected from modernism, however, and later worked as a post-modern architect.  He designed over 350 buildings around the world and more than 2,000 household objects.

Metal Design is what Metalier is all about

At Metalier we have some design genes of our own but best of all we like to use our metals and our knowledge to help you to realise your designs.

Contact us at once if you feel the muse coming over you!


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metal kitchen design

Metal Kitchen Design | Metalier Liquid Metal

Metalier is a versatile contribution to metal kitchen design

Metalier’s liquid metal has featured as a significant component in many metal kitchen design ideas.

A specially-created silver effect was used in a kitchen and also the kitchen/bar of a prominent Auckland legal firm’s senior partners’ common room.

Metalier’s liquid metal rust has been used to great effect on glass in a private kitchen design.  Canyon (smoky bronze) has featured as a rangehood cover in another.

Metalier’s liquid metal in black waxed aluminium the featured image was specified in the metal kitchen design for Hallensteins.

Metal Kitchen Design with Metalier can be flamboyant or discrete

Whether your muse takes you to minimal and sleek or bold vibrant colour and patterns Metalier allows you to realise your unique metal kitchen design.  And on occasions you can be sleek and flamboyant – the Hallensteins’ kitchen is a great example of this.  Sleek, sophisticated and moody black waxed aluminium teams with a riot of colour in the splash-back tiles.

Metalier finishes can be riotous too

Think vivid green or black patina on iron or copper.  Think pearlescent tones on copper, mountain gold and brass.  Think our 4 varieties of rust.  Think metal combinations and also think Lace.  We’ve just acquired a new lace which features beautiful roses.  It’s called Diana, no doubt after Princess Di.

This is lovely as one metal in two “depths”.  But it will be spectacular in two different metals.

We are feeling very pleased to be working with Mal Corboy at the moment.  Mal Corboy is an international award-winning kitchen designer.  He does bathrooms too but is most known for his kitchens.  Mal’s kitchens are adventurous and eye-catching.  We love working with him because his ideas are so original.

To get your kitchen ideas into reality contact Metalier here to see what the options are.  They are actually unlimited.  Or fill in the contact form below.


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awesome distributors, London Surface Design Show

Awesome Distributors | Metalier Liquid Metal

International Awesome Distributors

This week is going to be an unashamed rave about Metalier’s awesome distributors.

First Brunei

Mettech Design Solution our awesome distributors in Brunei Darussalam posted on Facebook photographs of great work they have done on glass.  Yes glass is a suitable substrate for Metalier Liquid Metal Coatings.

Then Russia

Andrew of Prime Décor in Yekaterinberg our awesome distributor in the Russian Federation proudly posted pictures of his first Metalier commission.  He has every right to be proud.  His work is beautiful and the design fantastic.  Andrew is the newest member of the Metalier team and we’re very proud to have him on board.

And then we have the UK

Craig & Ali & Steve of Granlyn Specialist Coatings, our awesome distributors in the UK and Ireland and our European Hub, have excelled themselves again at the Surface Design Show in London.  The show has just finished today and they have had 620 visitors to their stand in under 2 and a half days.  Once again they were the star of the show.   We love the iron ball in the forefront of the picture on this page.  The little dots are magnets. They had 4 different visitors say that their stand was the most innovating and interesting in the whole show.  And we can understand why.  We expect they might be a mite exhausted by now!

There has to be a reason

There has to be a reason why so many people in such different parts of the world have become such awesome distributors.  And the reason is quite simple – Metalier Liquid Metal Coatings are easy to work with and allow you to release your creativity and produce beautiful work that you couldn’t produce any other way.

If you think you would like to be part of the team but are hesitating – then don’t.  Contact us by email or telephone or fill in the form below.  To see more pictures of the work we’re bragging about,  like us on Facebook  and keep up to date with the Metalier world.


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