Flexible Metalier for Film and Special Effects, Props Designers and Larpers

For film and special effects, Metalier’s flexible metal coatings is ideal. It takes making of metal armour and metal costumes to a new level. That is why we’ve subtitled the flexible coating as the “Film Series”. Our flexible metal coatings allow you to have flex without losing the shine that is so important to TV and film special effects.

Metalier flexible metal coatings tick all the boxes…

  • They can be very shiny.
  • They can flex – so much so that they can be scrunched up and rolled.
  • They are very quick to polish – saving many hours of boring labour.
  • They are very durable – you can fall off your horse and/or “play dead” without damaging the coating.
  • They are clean so you can hug the heroine without marking her dress.
  • They don’t need constant repair.
  • They are surprisingly cost-effective.
  • They are water-based, so no nasty smell.
  • They can dry in as little as two hours. Yes, two hours!
  • Designed especially for the TV & film special effects industries

We have refined our finishing techniques so that pieces of armour can be polished fast. We can show you how to be free from endless re-application of foils and gilt and silver papers. Production schedules will be revolutionised and best of all, you will minimise those overnight repairs.

Reduce some of the stress but none of the excitement of the film and TV industries. When you change to Metalier flexible metal coatings for all your metal requirements for your film or TV production, the only thing you will regret is that you didn’t do it sooner.

Metalier’s regular solvent and water based coatings also have a place in the world of TV and film special effects, in theatre and for larp devotees.

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