Metalier is Environmentally Friendly

Being environmentally friendly is a vital part of Metalier’s vision. The Metalier Coatings System consists of powdered metals and one of three binders which are solvent-based, water-based and flexible water-based.

Metalier’s System and its metalizing techniques promote a healthier environment, cleaner air and water, and the conservation of natural resources.

The Metalier System is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to solid cast foundry pieces as well as an alternative to metallic paints, coatings and finishes. The Metalier metalizing process reduces VOC’s, disposable liquid waste, consumption of natural resources and consumption of energy.

When compared with the environmental issues of foundries, plating, coatings or other paint materials, the Metalier System is a compelling alternative. Vapour exposure to the environment and to the applicator is limited. Even the solvent binder system contains less than half the VOC’s of many water-based coatings which, in addition, may require multiple coats to achieve good coverage. In most cases only one coat of the Metalier System is required.

The predominant component in the Metalier System is real metal so in its liquid state the amount of vapour is limited. This is because the material is between 50 and 90% solid or non-volatile material depending on the application.

The Metalier System uses a quick, efficient cold application process and therefore produces no burn pollution. Foundries burn resources. Tremendous heat must be generated to keep metal in a molten state and whether the heat is generated using coal, oil, gas or other combustibles, non-renewable resources are consumed. Additionally there is pollution generated from the burn and out-gassing of the pollutants from the molten metals.

When properly applied Metalier Coatings will not delaminate, crack, chip or peel and have an expected life, if properly cared for, of at least 20 years in exterior applications without break down under UV light. Significantly, the coatings also have a much lower leach rate than their solid or sheet-metal equivalent and can be safely used where run-off may be a concern. In addition, the solvent binder is fully catalyzed and therefore inert.
The product is non-electrically conductive, anti-corrosive and does not break down or contaminate. It does not produce liquid waste requiring hazardous material disposal.

To conclude:

The Metalier System is more environmentally friendly than many water-based paints because of the lower level of VOCs.

Only very small quantities of metal are needed to achieve a very durable protective coating with all the appearance and many of the performance benefits of solid metal. The use of small quantities of material contributes to the conservation of the planet’s resources.

Combined with environmentally sound substrates, the Metalier System is a very environmentally-friendly alternative to solid cast metal.

The coatings are substantially made from metal and therefore use only very small quantities of polymer resins. Because the resin is bound to the metal particles which are heavier, and because an HVLP spray application is used, fewer particles are allowed to escape into the atmosphere, reducing airborne emissions.

Metalier predominantly uses recycled metal.