Liquid Metal North America

Liquid Metal North America is proudly represented by Premera Coatings of Texas.

We have been business colleagues and friends with the Premera Team since 2012. We first met Charlie Foster, the original coatings guru at Premera. Now we work with his son, Doug, and his Team. Because our relationship is one of great business and support for 12 years, we feel like it was meant to be.

Pemera is looking to appoint specialist applicators throughout North America who can apply and finish Metalier Coatings. Their plan is to limit the number of applicators so this is an opportunity that won’t last. If you are a high-end coatings specialist looking to increase the offerings you can give to your customers then Metalier could be just what you are looking for. M2 Supply will also supply OEMs such as door and furniture-makers who would like to take the product range in-house.

The Metalier programme is run by the Premera Team with strong sales support from Tim Loden. If you’re new to Metalier, your best first port of call is to contact Tim. He’s been with Metalier for 8 years and loves guiding new users of the Metalier system into how it works.

Premera is able to despatch product, usually within 48 hours of ordering to most corners of the North American continent. It is well stocked with everything you might need to apply Metalier – the binders, metals, thinners, patinas and clear coats. Jack Claflin is in charge of despatch and orders can be placed here.

Premera’s address is:
c/o Nukote Fulfillment Center South
2729 FM473
Texas 78027

Contact Jack by Cell (210) 846 7054 and email.
And Tim Loden by telephone (678) 910 4257 and email.

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