Metal design solutions are what Metalier does best.

We find solutions that just wouldn’t be there if you were trying to use sheet or foundry metal.

Here are some examples of our metal design solutions

  1. The portholes in the bathrooms of The Sugar Club. The Sugar Club incidentally just won its designers, Jasmax, a gold pin in The Designers Institute Best Awards in the Spatial Design Hospitality category.  It was The Sugar Club design that won the award, not just the bathrooms, but as our brass covers a good 30% of the walls in the Club we figure it’s partly our award too!

The portholes could simply not have been created so easily and cost-effectively without Metalier’s metal design solutions.

  1. Staying with brass again – we’re coating some steel handles for a customer. They wanted solid brass but brass was too weak – actually they said week but we knew what they meant.  Another metal design solution from Metalier!
  2. And just think of complicated. There is nothing more complicated than the mock Swiss army knife design in Sylvia Park Mall.   Instead of things for taking stones out of horses’ hooves and such-like, there is an oar, a pair of skis and poles, an ice pick, a snow board and a bicycle as well as a corkscrew and a bottle-opener.  There was no practical way of making that piece without metal design solutions from Metalier liquid metal.  This design was completed in aluminium.
  3. And if weight is a problem Metalier liquid metal rust selections are metal design solutions in themselves. A standard sheet of corten steel weighs 100kg or so.  The same sized sheet of Metalier’s liquid metal rust on MDF weighs about 15 kg.  And it’s so much easier to machine.  And it doesn’t leach and it doesn’t eventually just disappear.

For metal design solutions come to the experts either at HQ in NZ, in the UK or in the USA.  Throw us your metal problems and test our mettle.  (Sorry!)


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