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Liquid Metal India
Metkraft trading as Metalier India
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Metalier liquid metal brass doors; The Sugar Club; Liquid Metal India

Liquid Metal India is in the capable hands of Master Distributor, Metkraft.

Liquid metal India is in the safe hands of Metkraft of Hyderabad that trades as Metalier India.

Liquid Metal India brings years of business experience to the Metalier Table

Metkraft brings to Metalier experience in metals and metalurgy. It is well-placed to bring Metalier into its ever-vibrant marketing approach. Metkraft is working with Metalier HQ to source the whole of Metalier’s product range within India. This will mean that there will be no issues with or the expense and delays associated with international freight. This is a game-changer for Liquid Metal distributors and applicators throughout India and of course for the end-user customer.

The Metkraft team is managed by Mr Subhash Ainnapurapu. Metalier India is setting up a training facility in Hyderabad. It is well positioned to act as an import and distribution hub for the Indian sub-continent. Metkraft’s vision is to set up distributors and applicators throughout India and it welcomes enquiries from qualified individuals keen to step into these roles.

Do not hesitate to contact Mr Ainnapurapu for prompt and efficient service, for training, projects and supplies and for more information about becoming part of the Metalier team as a distributor or applicator. Metkraft also welcomes enquiries from companies that wish to take Metalier in-house to provide extra choice and metal luxury to their customers.