Bronze is the new black

This authoritative statement was made to me this morning by one who would know.  Metalier Metal Veneer | Bronze is ready with a variety of metals, textures, waxes and patinas.  And it is ready to deliver a finish like the beautiful bronze bench designed by Marie Khouri pictured at a fraction of the cost of foundry or cast bronze.

The range of Metal Veneer | Bronze includes:


Smoky Bronze – is made to our recipe and unavailable from anyone other than Metalier.  This is a darker deeper moody and seductive bronze.

Gunmetal Grey Bronze  is actually a grey colour but has a bronze base.  This means that, although the metal is grey, it has the warmth of bronze.  It is the only bronze in the Metal veneer | bronze range that will not take a patina.  This is particularly useful in a wet area such as a kitchen or bathroom when a grey look is required but iron is too risky!  Again, Ravine is our own recipe and the metal available only from Metalier.

Special treatments to Metal Veneer | Bronze

Apart from Ravine, the bronzes can be treated with Metalier patinas to give a verdigris look, an aged look or a pearlescent effect.  They can also be darkened with black wax and textured in a number of interesting ways.  Check out the website to see the various patterns we and our distributors have devised including brique, jigsaw and transition.

Bronze veneer is frequently a better choice than solid bronze

There are many occasions when a veneer can be a better choice than cast or sheet bronze.  An example is the pool fencing shown on our site – the stainless steel substrate was much stronger than solid bronze would have been.  It is lighter too and it’s cost-effective.

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