Metal coating on wood

Metal coating on wood is a huge subject because there are so many types of wood

Metal coating on wood is a great combination of materials. It does, however, require attention to the choice of wood and its preparation.

Because it is porous and has a fibrous structural tissue, it is important to seal well any wooden substrate before applying a Metalier coating. If the wood is not sealed then the coating will sink into the pores of the wood and look patchy on the surface.

Statement front doors are a Metalier signature-piece

Wood is a substrate frequently coated with Metalier Coatings. Statement front doors are one of the Metalier trademarks. While aluminium is another substrate used regularly for doors, wood has the solidity, strength and weight that you would expect from a solid metal door.

Marine plywood is frequently specified for doors that have to face the elements. Whatever is chose, tt is important to have a waterproof substrate under Metalier Coatings. Although Metalier itself is waterproof and can be used successfully outdoors and even in water-features, it is not a water-proofing system. The smallest pin-prick in the coating, invisible to the naked eye, could allow moisture ingress and rot the substrate.

Metalier, in addition to completely coating a wooden substrate, has created a new wooden feature which we call “Infused”

Infused coatings are created by enhancing the natural grain in veneer or other boards. This is done by light sand-blasting or brushing the surface to the wood with a wire brush. Metalier metals are then pushed into the grain of the wood and when they have cured the whole surface of wood and metal is sanded and polished.

Showcase two natural materials

The resulting finish is a delightful way of showcasing together two natural organic materials. It is subtle and gorgeous.

It is currently specified in oak and copper for an apartment being built in Auckland, New Zealand. It is being used for the kitchen cabinetry and fireplace surrounds and we can’t wait to actually see it in situ.

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