rose gold liquid metal; metal veneer; decorative metal coating
aged rose gold liquid metal; rose gold; metal veneer; decorative liquid metal

Rose Gold Liquid Metal

Metalier’s rose gold liquid metal is one of three standard gold formulations in the range.

The other golds are classic/rich gold and champagne gold.

Despite its beauty rose gold is not elemental gold, the precious metal.

Beautiful Rose Gold

Rose gold is a pinkish gold. It was originally created for the Epsilon hair salon at Mount Maunganui, New Zealand. The salon has a very pretty pink theme and the metal highlights the other elements in the salon – pink mirrors and light-fittings. It's paired with aluminium in the Epsilon fit-out. This gives the salon a soft edge especially when it is draped in greenery.

Rose gold is created by combining two or more metals together. It is made to a specific formulation which we share with all applicators.

The standard formulations are not the only options, however. You can adjust the metals to create new options or to match other items. Creating new colours, new designs and new patterns is one of the rewards of working with Metalier Coatings.

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