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brass; aged brass; brass windsor; antique brass; patina; liquid metal ; metal veneer; decorative metal coating

Metalier Coatings’ Exclusive Master Distributor in Europe is Wellcoll Special Paints.

Wellcoll is based in Sittard in the Netherlands and is well placed to serve the continent of Europe.
Metalier and WellColl plan to make Metalier’s beautiful finishes available to all the countries in Europe through carefully managed expansion. The Metalier model is to limit the number of applicators it appoints. This ensures that everyone on the Metalier team reaps the rewards of their marketing efforts and the value of the brand is upheld and enhanced. Metalier and Wellcoll look after their applicators and show them how to succeed in the marketplace. Ongoing technical support and training are always provided.

The customers of the Metalier brand include designers, architects, boat-builders, developers, builders and cabinetmakers. The coatings are specified in hotels, resorts, offices, retail stores and malls, restaurants and bars and the high-end domestic market.

Metalier Coatings allow you to have all the benefits of real metal without the cost, the weight and the other limitations of sheet metal. It also uses a relatively small amount of metal to transform mundane and cost-effective surfaces such as MDF into sumptuous, glamorous metal. Because so little metal is used, the coatings are environmentally friendly.

If you want to know more about joining the Metalier team, please email Johan or phone +31 88 758 08 87.