Oil-rubbed bronze liquid metal; liquid metal; metal veneer' decorative metal coating
oil-rubbed bronze handle; liquid metal; metal veneer; bathroom fittings; decorative liquid metal

Metalier oil-rubbed bronze liquid metal, like the metal itself, is hard and tough

Oil-rubbed bronze is a popular dark bronze finish that lends itself particularly to elements like tapware or other items with edges. The metal is polished so intensively that it can look almost pink at the edges. This effect is shown on the tap in the image above.
Metalier duplicates the effect of oil-rubbed bronze by a proprietary technique it has developed.

Oil-rubbed bronze is a very versatile metal

Because the Metalier Oil-rubbed bronze is a hybrid that we have created, it is possible to vary the depth of the metal from very very dark to a lighter shade. This assists us to match other elements in this beautiful metal.

Oil-rubbed Bronze Finishes

Oil-rubbed bronze liquid metal

This beautiful dark bronze finish can be used on flat panels and can be textured and shaped like the other metals. To achieve the beautiful pinky edges, however, there must be actual edges. The metal can be high-polished or dressed down in a satin raw - whatever fits your look. A raw finish is where the metal is not fully exposed so that it looks – well “raw”. This look can be combined with more polished areas for a contrasting effect.

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