Transform your home with Metalier Metals

Metalier is both an interior and exterior coating. It is waterproof and can be used in harsh marine environments.
Metalier has been used for many award-winning projects. It’s real metal. It’s lightweight, seamless and bespoke. No-one else will have exactly the same design or the same look

Let’s begin at the front door

Entrances to your home make an important statement about the people who live behind that door.
What does your door say about you? What do you want it to say? There are many options that will be uniquely your own

Let’s move into the kitchen

Use Metalier metals on kitchen cabinets, shelves, islands and rangehoods

A stylish brass waterfall credenza and a rangehood in the same material tie in the design with the brass knobs on the stove
This kitchen was the Supreme Kitchen Design Runner up in 2016. The rangehood and cupboards are in smoky bronze. The designer also used smoky bronze high cupboards in another kitchen
Patinated or aged brass features on the cupboards above the hobs, on the island and on the legs of the dining setting at the end of the bench in this stunning kitchen
In this beautiful kitchen, the designer used Metalier brass on cupboards above the bar area and as a negative detail in the marble island
In this kitchen concrete and metal are used together to create a strong minimalist ethic
silver kitchen, minimalist design, liquid metal, metal veneer
Champagne gold was used to great effect on this kitchen island
Rangehoods can be sleek and modern or old style with authentic looking studs

And what about the bathrooms?

Because it is waterproof, Metalier is an excellent choice of material for bathroom cabinets and mirrors
Gold Mirror: Metalier liquid metal by Bonham Interiors; mirror surrounds; liquid metal

Cabinetry and screens in the living area

The apartment featured here won The Designer’s Institute Best Awards for its designer Hare Interiors in 2018. It is a superb example of how Metalier enhances great design

Furniture and Décor pieces

Use Metalier on furniture and decorative items. Metalier can be minimalist as two of the coffee tables show or totally extravagant and decadent. Use it on crockery and picture frames
Copper bowl, copper texture, metal veneer, liquid metal

And then there is outside

Because Metalier is waterproof it can be used outside. These copper louvres “talk” to the copper guttering of this residence. So do the copper chimney surrounds on another property

Use it on garden features and around the pool

Bronze statue, aged, patina, liquid metal, metal veneer


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