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Liquid metal Russia

Liquid metal Russia is in St Petersburg, Moscow & Ekaterinburg

The Company Aldo Rossi, which is Metalier’s exclusive representative in Russia is based in both St Petersburg & Moscow. It was founded in 2018 and started with the production of ornamental art-panels for walls with the usage of casting resin technologies.
In 2019 the range of company’s services started to expand and a new direction appeared – the creation of interior and exterior items with coatings of liquid metal. Aldo Rossi studied world experience and communicated with specialists abroad.  For the whole year its technologists and designers were exploring and testing materials, working out the techniques and carrying out different tests. At the beginning of 2020, Aldo Rossi officially launched its new product line and became exclusive distributor for the company Metalier (New Zealand) in the territory of Russian Federation. Metalier – this is composite ornamental metallic coating with cold spraying, which helps to provide any surface with the look of hard metal.

Where is Aldo Rossi located?

Production is located in Saint-Petersburg. If it’s required its specialists can visit you and provide consultation about all questions at your location.

The team

The Founder and Thought Leader, Executive Partner of the company Aldo Rossi is Igor Shpagin

Igor is a man of many talents, involved in production of non-trivial things, who likes to learn everything new and to apply gained knowledge in practice. He is not only a wonderful leader but also an artist creating unique masterpieces with his own hands.

Director of Operations – Vladimir Firsov

Procurement, production engineering, managing masters, logistics specialists, mounters, and work with suppliers – this is far from the complete list of his responsibilities. Vladimir knows all the subtle details of production and tests new materials and technologies personally.

Marketing Director – Oleg Nesterenko

Tactician and strategist, a big specialist in the field of marketing, having deep knowledge about markets and knowing how to communicate all information about company products to client maximally fully. Always participates in developing new trends with excitement and generally models the marketing policy of Aldo Rossi.

Staff of the company

Technologists, designers, artists, customer relations managers, mounters and drivers – there are all specialists in our team, who can happily help you in creating the signature look of your home or commercial facilities.

In Ekaterinburg

Aldo Rossi’s dealer in Ekaterinburg is Andrew Skilpin an artist/decorator for many years. He is a master of Metalier having worked with Metalier materials since 2016.