gunmetal; gunmetal bronze; gunmetal liquid metal; metal veneer
Nickel silver liquid metal; metal veneer; decorative metal coating; restaurant bar
gunmetal liquid metal; gunmetal; moonrock; metal veneer

Gunmetal Liquid Metal

Gunmetal, despite being a grey colour, is actually a bronze alloy. The metal is sometimes known as gunmetal bronze.

Options for Grey

Gunmetal is only one of the grey metals offered by Metalier. Also in the grey range is aluminium, gunmetal silver and nickel silver.

Despite being a bronze alloy, gunmetal will not take a patina. It can be darkened if required by the addition of black copper. It can be lightened with aluminium to create gunmetal silver.

Gunmetal Finishes

Metalier Coatins are a cost-effective way of enjoying beautiful metals while conserving the resources of the earth.

Learn how Metalier Coatings can give your design, your home, your office, your restaurant the wow factor!

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