Metal Coating on Ceramics

Metalier is the ideal metal coating on ceramics

Think of metal coating on ceramics and think of bricks, pipes, floor and roof tiles in particular and other industrial and building products. Depending on the finish already on the tiles, and whether they are porous or non-porous, a sealing undercoat may be required. Today ceramics are usually glazed and then fired to create a smooth coloured surface. There is every reason to skip the glaze and after firing, complete the ceramic with a metal coating.

Metal coatings look like solid or sheet metal

We like the idea of a thief being tricked into stealing a copper pipe only to discover that it isn’t solid copper but a copper coating. And we’d love to see a real Metalier metal roof in a metal other than oxidised copper. There are so many options and they can be very cost-effective.

Inexpensive tiles can become stunning with Metalier metal coating on ceramics

Use patina or textures and create a random or ordered pattern.

Also as a design and cost-effective option you could select to coat only some tiles and not all. Finished with Metalier Metal Clear Coat, the coated tiles will be a durable floor coating. Our Metal Nano Clear Coat has a slip-co-efficient rating of .42 on some metals. This means that it can qualify as an anti-slip too. On roof tiles the clear coat will give added UV protection to the coated ceramic tiles.

Ceramics are non-metallic

Ceramics are inorganic non-metallic solids created by the action of heat and subsequent cooling.

What we know is that they are an excellent substrate for Metalier treatment and creativity. Just one of the many substrates ideal for Metalier coatings.

Metalier’s metal coating on ceramics works not only on tiles but on ceramic sculptures too, such as this cute little Brett Kern spaceman. Because Metalier coatings are so fine, it is possible to successfully coat and polish delicate pieces.

Contact us for ideas of how to use Metalier on ceramic and other substrates.

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