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Metalier Coatings are applied by trained professionals.

In the North Island of New Zealand, Metalier Coatings are applied in the Metalier workshop in Henderson. In the South Island, the coatings are applied by Remarkable Surfaces in Christchurch.

For enquiries and more information:
Contact Mary at Metalier Auckland by telephone 09 376 7099 or email.
Contact Suzanne at Remarkable Surfaces by telephone 03 338 1142 or email.

Metalier is a hand-crafted bespoke finish.

Application and finishing are all done by hand so each piece is individually crafted and no two craftspeople will produce an identical finish. This is one of the beauties of the coatings. They are a high-end luxury finish for people who prize individuality and exclusivity.

Metalier Coatings are made of genuine metal powders mixed with a binder. When finished they are up to 95% pure metal. The coatings behave like sheet and other forms of solid metal. They are organic so they rust and age like the solid counterparts. This can be prevented by applying a gloss or satin clear coat.

Finished smooth coats are less than .5mm thick. Textures can be up to 3-4mm thick. To get our latest specifications, contact us here.

Specify Metalier

Designers and specifiers are provided, on request, with business-card sized samples of a variety of the finishes and metals available. Contact Mary here to obtain a box of samples or get the details of our latest finishes.  New finishes are continually being added to the repertoire so to keep up to date join our mailing list.

Our Specification Sheets are available – just ask.

Typically, a designer or other specifier will select the finish required with the client, with or without our help and guidance.

Then the joiner or builder making the object to be coated will contact us for a quote and lead times.  The work is delivered to the workshop by the manufacturer. They will also pick it up when the job is finished.

It is our regular practice to get sign-off on a larger sample before any job proceeds – unless it is a standard polished finish.

For ideas of where you can use our coatings please see our pages for architects, designers, boat builders and landscape architects, for signwriters and for the film industry.

Metalier Pricing

Metalier is a handcrafted finish and the labour and creativity that goes into creating a bespoke finish are reflected in the pricing.

There are some metals more cost-effective than others and some finishes too. Generally, the high-polished finishes are more highly-priced because they are the most labour intensive.  We can advise you on the metals and finishes to choose to achieve a budget.

Our general guide to pricing in New Zealand is available by contacting Mary here. All jobs must be quoted, however, and the guide is exactly that – a guide. Factors that will affect the price is the degree of difficulty of the shape of the piece and whether tools can be used to complete the sanding process.

We are always happy to assist and to help your clients achieve the look that you and they desire.

Just ask us