There are two types of thinner for Metalier Coatings

The first type of thinner is for the solvent-based binder

Metalier has researched and tested the various options available in the marketplace. We have found the one that is best to use with the solvent-based binder. Our chemist chose the Metalier thinner because it does not “gas off “during curing and is fully catalysed with the solvent-based binder. This reduces the dangers of shrinkage which can occur if the wrong product is used.

It is important to use the quantity recommended in our mixing charts. This is because curing may be incomplete and the result disappointing if you dilute the material too much. The ratio of materials is balanced and includes enough MEKP to catalyse the total mixture. You add thinner to the metal and binder mixes so that the mixture will go readily and smoothly through the gun. With the right amount of thinner, the mix will cure perfectly in good time.

You do not use a thinner when you are thickening the metal and binder mixture to create a texture. That’s probably a bit obvious and we do apologise for mentioning it. But…

For the water-based binder all you need is water

Yes that’s right – for the water-based binder and also the flexible binder which is also water-based, all you need to add to the mixture to thin it is a little water. The water-based products cure by evaporation. As a result, it is not quite so important, when adding water to be as exact as you need to be with the solvent thinner. All too much water can do is slow down the curing time. We recommend, however, that you keep to the quantities specified in our mixing charts. It is always good to be as accurate as possible in all Metalier mixtures.

And the water doesn’t need to be filtered or distilled or in a fancy bottle. Out of the tap or a bucket will do just fine.

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