Thickener is essential to create textured finishes

Texture mixes require thickener to keep the shapes that you want to create

For smooth finishes the mixture of metals, binder, catalyst and sometimes thinner makes a thin metal liquid. This thin liquid will run smoothly. On patterned substrates it will fall into and follow the pattern. To make textures you need a mixture that will hold its shape. The thickened metal mixture should be the consistency of tooth-paste or whipped cream.

Metalier’s thickening powder is designed for the solvent-based system

At this stage of product development, you need to use the solvent-based coating system to create heavy textures. This is for two reasons related to the fact that the water-based system cures by evaporation rather than by a catalyst. A textured water-based coating can show some cracking which usually isn’t desirable. Also evaporation by its nature involves some shrinkage which again is not desirable. We haven’t given up looking for a solution to these issues, however, and we’ll let you know when we succeed.

Metalier Thickener is very light

It is essential when using Metalier thickener to wear a mask – you should be, in any case, as you are using the solvent system.

The thickener is not dangerous when it is mixed in with the binders and metals and when the coating has cured. Because the thickener is so light when it is dry it floats into the air a bit like icing sugar or thistle heads. Then it can get up your nose and into your airways. You should avoid this happening by taking the protective measure of wearing a mask.

Create textures using household implements

While we’re not suggesting that you use the comb in your workshop and then put it back in the bathroom, Metalier textures can be created suing the simplest of tools – combs, spatulas, pieces of paper and netting, rollers and wire mesh. Some of our finishes are even shot through pieces of lace material or over patterned material that then becomes part of the substrate.

When you become a Metalier distributor or applicator we will share our tricks and hope you will share yours too. There isn’t a limit to this or a right or wrong way.

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