Metalier Coatings opened its New Zealand doors in 2005. It is now a global supplier of metal coating systems. Discover our history and the brains of the Metalier team behind our metal coatings.

Our inspiration

The Metalier team established the Metalier business in 2005 to manufacture and apply our metal coating systems. Our enthusiasm for coatings, however, dates back to the early 1990’s.

We love paint

It was paint that first inspired us, particularly specialist paints and creative effects.

We love metal too

We have always had a passion for metal too and we wanted to take paint to the next level.  So we hired our own chemist whom we’ve known since our first paint days,  invested in R&D and created Metalier.

We are proudly based in Aotearoa-New Zealand

We manufacture our own metal coating systems in New Zealand and sell them throughout the world to distributors and applicators. We have distribution centres in New Zealand, England, and the USA and representatives in India, Australia, Belgium, Brunei,  Russia and Vietnam. We are also talking to prospective distributors in other countries so the Metalier network is growing.

As well as manufacturing and distributing Metalier metal coating systems internationally, the Metalier team has a business which applies the coatings in New Zealand.

And we pride ourselves on our sense of humour and our no-nonsense Kiwi approach to our business and our customers.

Mary Whaley

Mary, who was a lawyer in another life, runs the local and international businesses from the Metalier Headquarters in Henderson, Auckland. Mary handles international inquiries and marketing and overall direction of the business with plenty of challenge from the others in the team.

Mary is passionate about good design and loves the concept of “metal as art” which sums up Metalier’s business perfectly. Mary is also very hands-on answering queries from our international customers and distributors. Their success is Metalier’s success.

Humour, as we’ve said, is an important part of our business and the relationship among the company directors. “Eat cake for breakfast” on the bag in the picture sums up Mary’s sense of humour perfectly. It’s both good design and its fun!

Richard Bone

Richard Bone

Richard who was born and bred in England joined us as Creative Director on 2nd July 2022. We first met Richard on 1st June 2020 when he introduced himself to us by email. It took the intervening 2 years and a bit to persuade Immigration that Richard would be an asset to Aotearoa/New Zealand.

Richard was educated at Middlesex University Art & Design Foundation Course and then went on to Nottingham Trent University where he gained a BA Hons in Graphic Design.

During his working life Richard has spent 14 years as a director of a liquid metal company in London that specialized in creating unique works of art, objects, lighting and decorative surfaces for the world’s finest private residences, superyachts, luxury hotels and leading galleries.

As well as creating beautiful designs now at Metalier, Richard will be offering technical support as required to our many international distributors and applicators.

Kenneth Whaley

Ken, who is a qualified accountant – but don’t hold that against him – is Chief Financial Officer of the Metalier group.

Ken fulfils a very useful role in the quoting part of the local business. He is chief plan reader. Ken is also responsible for the overall finances of the enterprise. He also has the patience and knowledge to attend to all those compliance matters that plague the modern business. Metalier couldn’t manage without him.

From someone who once eschewed computers, Ken now emails, TXTs, works in Xero and even checks in on Facebook. He’s come a long long way.