Metalier’s water based binder is revolutionary

Metalier’s water based binder has changed the face of the composite metals industry

The water based binder is a worthy partner of our High Performance solvent binder and the even more revolutionary flexible binder.

The benefits of water based metal coatings for applicator and end-user are many:

  1. There is no unpleasant smell – “bliss” for applicators!
  2. Water-based metal coatings cure in 2-4 hours, depending on the temperature, not 24.
  3. In situ applications are easier.
  4. The VOC levels are very low so they are environmentally friendly.
  5. There are fewer ingredients so less costly errors.
  6. You don’t need acetone, gun-cleaner, thinner or catalyst so it’s quicker to make a mixture.
  7. Polishing times are faster and you use less consumables.
  8. Water-based metal coatings have a longer shelf life than their solvent cousin.
  9. It isn’t hazardous so shipping is easier and cheaper.

With water-based metal coatings and a solvent version too you have a choice

There are occasions when the better choice is the solvent product – when the surface is horizontal and needs to be particularly strong or you are going to create a textured finish. But there are many occasions when water-based metal coatings are the preferred option.

They take a patina more readily than the solvent version – iron begins to rust almost as it’s delivered to the substrate. The beautiful finishes you can create with Metalier patinas – aging, pearlescent, and verdigris for example, are all more speedily achieved with the water-based binder.

The Process for Smooth finishes

The ingredients for Metalier smooth finishes are:

  1. The highest quality Metalier sintered metal powders
  2. Metalier Water-based metal binder
  3. Water (if you need it)

These ingredients are mixed together and sprayed using compressed air and HVLP guns. After curing, which can take up to 2-4 hours, the hardened metal surface is polished, patinated or waxed with Metalier polish, patinas, waxes and Nano Metal Clear Coat.

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