liquid metal kitchen

Liquid Metal Kitchen from Metalier

A liquid metal kitchen is good-looking and practical.

The kitchen is an ideal place to use Metalier liquid metal and some of Metalier’s most spectacular work has been completed in kitchens.  The bar at Chapman Tripp lawyers’ common room and bar is an example of a liquid metal kitchen which was completed in a specialized silver metal.

The liquid metal kitchen at The French Café was finished in Metalier Nickel Silver.  The kitchen bar at The Sugar Club in Sky City is in aluminium.  Metalier recently completed a kitchen for designer Mal Corboy in antiqued brass.

A Liquid Metal kitchen by Metalier can be minimalist or it can be lavish, ornate and even outlandish.  The Chapman Tripp kitchen is raw and minimalist – concrete and metal.  It can be an ornate feature such as the aluminium bar at The Sugar Club which stands out, not only because of its faceted face but also because it is surrounded by a sea of brass.

As well as looking good, Metalier liquid metal finishes are practical and hard-wearing when protected by Metalier’s Nano Clear Coat.  This clear coat protects the metal from tarnishing and spills are easily wiped away and the surface kept clean.

The Chapman Tripp kitchen also shows how fine the cabinetry detail can be.  The edges of the cupboard doors and drawers are all coated with Metalier liquid metal.  You simply could not achieve such a fine look with sheet metal – it would be too heavy and clunky.

Another important aspect of a Metalier liquid metal kitchen is that it will be unique.  Not only is there an almost unlimited number of finishes that can be achieved, Metalier is hand crafted.  This means that every kitchen will be different.  Most of us want to be different and a handcrafted finish allows people to express their individuality.

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copper liquid metal

Metalier Copper Liquid Metal in the UK

Copper is “the” colour of the moment in the UK

A spectacular bar in Heswall, Merseyside has been completed using Metalier’s Copper Liquid Metal.  We are delighted to showcase our UK distributors again - Craig and Alison McDonald of Granlyn, West Bromwich, Metalier UK do Metalier proud.  We notice too that not only is copper liquid metal popular but angled bars seem to be as well.  Think of the aluminium Metalier Bar in The Sugar Club and the brass Metalier Bar in The Grand Leicester Hotel.

Metalier Copper Liquid Metal Finish is not paint

There are many brands and varieties of copper paint on the market.  For some applications paint is all that is required but for longevity, durability and authenticity you cannot go past Metalier’s real copper liquid metal.

Copper paints will usually contain a few metal flakes or even finely ground metal powder.  The copper won’t be the major ingredient in the paint – that will be acrylic or enamel.  So a copper paint will perform similarly to a paint.  Most paints last up to 10 years.  Metalier will last 25-30 years even outdoors.  In fact it will probably last must longer.

Metalier copper liquid metal finish (and our other metals too) are applied in ratios of metal to binder in weight from 75 to 80%.  As part of the Metalier process most of the binder is sanded away leaving a finish when complete of 95% metal.  This means that it is strong and durable and very real.

Metalier Copper Liquid Metal Finish can also be textured

Copper liquid metal can be made less liquid by the addition of Metalier’s proprietary thickener.  Patterns and textures can be created in the metal itself while it is still wet and malleable.  Not something you can achieve with paint.  You can also create lace effects – in fact what you can do with copper liquid metal is endless. And we love its warm rosy texture – we can understand why it’s so trendy at present.

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brass liquid metal finish

Brass Liquid Metal in the UK

Brass Liquid Metal in a Heritage Hotel

Metalier’s Brass Liquid Metal features in a bar in a stunning fit-out by House & Hotel Interiors of The Leicester Grand Hotel.  The hotel, which has a Grade II listing, has been transformed by designers Helen Hopper and Emma Kewley from a franchise Hotel into a “unique and luxurious destination full of personality”.

Metalier brass liquid metal finish – traditional yet contemporary

The designers wanted to use traditional finishes such as polished brass and to honour the history and heritage of the building.  Metalier’s brass liquid metal enabled the introduction of traditional finishes in a modern way.  The brass liquid metal was applied to a polygonal bar front which is finished with a marble top.  The angles on the front of the bar are enhanced with shadows and light on the surface.  The design is so inviting that it’s not difficult to imagine sitting at the bar and choosing from the wonderful array of tempting drinks.

Brass liquid metal finish fitted the budget

The designers say that the success of the project was due to contract UK suppliers, such as Metalier.  It was their ability to provide solutions that made the design work.  Emma Kewley sums it up this way: “working with suppliers like Metalier who can produce innovative surface finishes and apply them to bespoke joinery enables us to achieve a boutique feel to the hotel design, but all the time keeping within the budget”.

We look forward to working more with House and Hotel whose mission is to bring the personal touch to hotels and the bespoke to private houses, without the luxury price tag.

You can visit their website and you can visit Metalier’s UK distributors and European hub or you can contact us at HQ by completing the form below.

The Leicester Grand Hotel is owned by Jupiter Hotels.  The amazing photographs were taken by Gary Woodford.
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Brass hardware, Metalier liquid metal brass

Brass Hardware | Metalier Coatings

Brass Hardware has come of age | Metalier Liquid Metal

Brass Hardware is now modern and sophisticated, like the shelves at The Sugar Club above.  It’s quite unlike the 1980s look and feel.  Brass took a bit of a knock when aluminium hardware flooded the market with cheaper imports from China.  Aluminium also suited the minimalist age.  While minimalism still has its devotees, including us, there are times when a little more is required.  And if we are really honest, we’re less minimalist than we used to be.

Metalier Liquid Metal transforms aluminium hardware into copper or brass

While there is always a time and place for traditional brass hardware made of the solid metal, Metalier offers a very cost-effective solution to having your hardware cake and eating it too.  Both brass and copper, and also our mountain gold have been used in white kitchens to great effect.  These warm colours warm up the kitchen.  They look stunning, too, against black.

Metalier can change your cost-effective aluminium fittings into the metal of your dreams.  You can co-ordinate the accessories throughout your home or office or retail outlet.  Just think – taps, door handles, hinges, shelves, cupboard handles, push plates, kick plates and light switches can all be customized and unique to you.  It’s great to have alternatives that don’t break the bank.

And just think of the metal options you have with Metalier – the “obvious” ones like brass, bronze, copper and mountain gold and the less obvious ones such as rose gold, blush aluminium, smoky bronze and gunmetal bronze.  We’re also about to launch another lot of metals too – zinc, nickel silver, black copper, pewter and chocolate bronze.

If you would like to talk to us more about getting your hardware coated or to be kept informed about our new metal releases, contact us here or fill out the contact form below.  We love hearing from you.


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metal design solution

Choose a metal design solution from Metalier - see why ...

A Metalier Metal design Solution – light, durable and it won’t break the bank

Metalier’s liquid metal coatings can solve your issues with a metal design solution tailored around your problem.  Metalier coatings are light and extremely durable indoors and out.  They allow you to use metal in ways that are simply not possible if you were limited to cast or sheet metals.

Metalier Coatings save you money

Most spectacularly Metalier metal veneers can provide a metal design solution for kinetic sculptures.  On large kinetic pieces Metalier has the potential to save literally millions of dollars.  Kinetic art is almost always made on a grand scale pieces designed to perform and entrance out doors in civic or national venues.  The problem with grand scale pieces in sheet or strip metal is that they come with grand scale prices too.  The durability of Metalier means that it can be used as a substitute.  Metalier is the “go to” company to provide a metal design solution for kinetic art.

Metalier is very light.

The lightness of Metalier coatings means that it offers a metal design solution when weight is, or is potentially, an issue.  Metalier specializes in producing amazing doors for homes, offices, and for retail and hospitality venues.  In almost every case the customer wants to have the look and feel of metal but doesn’t want to have to do a work out every time the door is opened and closed.  And no-one wants the extra expense of the strengthening required to support a solid or sheet-metal cladded door.  See, it even sounds heavy just to say the words.

Metalier goes round corners and edges

With a Metalier door there is no way that you can tell that it is not solid metal.  Because Metalier metals can be applied seamlessly to edges the whole door looks chunky and – well – solid.  What more could you want?

We love the design featured on this page.  It’s called “Arlo Agoseris” (Mountain Dandelion) by Mark Baltes and Ken McCall and it’s installed at Liquidity wineries in British Columbia – sounds like a great place to visit for the wines, the bistro and the art.

If you would like to know more about how Metalier can provide a metal design solution for you please contact us by phone or skype or email or complete the form below.  We love hearing from you.


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Metal lace, copper lace

Metal Lace | Exquisite coatings by Metalier Liquid Metal

Metal Lace in its Metalier incarnation is unique.

It is different to the traditional types of lace made with metal or metallic threads.  Metal lace by Metalier is a pattern laid onto the metal substrate.  It becomes an integral part of the substrate and the Metalier design teams work their magic to create different finishes using waxes and patinas.

The words metal and lace conjure up contrary images.

Metal implies strength and lace implies delicacy so “metal lace” together are a sort of juxtaposition.  This is what adds to the appeal of the concept – the juxtaposition of the two contracting elements to highlight their differences.

Metal lace can be in any pattern

Metalier metal lace is created by using textile laces in the process.  This means that the pattern can be unique or can be repeated depending on the required look.  And as always with Metalier ‘s handcrafted finishes every piece will be different and special.  And with the wide variety of metals, waxes and patinas in our portfolio you can ensure a special personalised look for your front door or feature wall, or kitchen cupboards or whatever else works in your home, office, hospitality or retail fit-out.

Ornate is beautiful

While minimalism isn’t dead, and we wouldn’t want it to be, sumptuous, luxurious richness is very popular with designers at present.  And it is the dual characteristics of the raw element of metal with the fineness and softness of lace that gives metal lace its finesse and enigmatic quality.

One of our favourite designers is about to launch a range of exquisite copper lace tables and the picture above is a sneak preview of part of what she has designed.  Watch this space to learn when the table range is available or contact us now to create your own special metal lace.  You could also reach us by completing the form below.


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black copper, Metalier liquid metal

Black Copper | Metalier Liquid Metal

Metalier Black Copper launched

This week Metalier launched its latest metal, Black Copper.  It has been the most successful launch in the Company’s history.  Architects and samples are clamouring for samples and it was specified the day after launch by MMiD Studio.  How is that for speed?

Black is always in fashion: and now there is Black Copper

We have often been asked for Black Metal but only now have we achieved what our designer clients have been asking for.  And it is so beautiful.

Metalier Black Copper sparkles

Because Black Copper is actually real Copper it has the minutest bright red copper specks randomly through it.  These specks do nothing to diminish the blackness of the finish.  Rather, they add to its depth and beauty.  Black Copper Liquid Metal is an incredibly sumptuous and luxurious finish.

Black Copper can be used indoors or out and it does not rust or corrode.  It is an excellent and cost-effective alternative to blackened steel.   It can be used anywhere – on kitchen cabinets and islands, on stairwells and reception counters.  It is equally at home in residential settings, in offices, retail or in bars and hotels.

Black is Metalier’s signature colour.  

It features strongly on our website and on our brochures and documentation.  Our business cards are black.  It was very gratifying this week placing samples into envelopes with a business card.  If you needed any proof that the metal was black, it was all there when the metal and card where placed side by side.

Metalier’s Black Copper liquid metal has been launched first in New Zealand.  If you are somewhere else, get in touch with us or the hub nearest you.  Launches elsewhere will follow shortly.  You can contact us the contact page on our website, by emailing us or by completing the form below.

We know you’ll love Black Copper as much as we do.


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Polished metal. Metalier liquid metal

Polished metal from Metalier Coatings

High Polished Metal is a designer favourite

The various metals come and go in popularity but the preference for polish remains constant.

In New Zealand at present brass is the favourite polished metal. 

It featured in The iconic Sugar Club in 2013 and has been specified in a new pub in Dunedin.  We have a bathtub in polished brass currently in our workshop waiting collection.  It actually looks gorgeous – it’s an old-fashioned free-standing tub with antique clawed feet.  It’s painted black on the outside which shows off and contrasts with the brass to great effect.  We particularly like brass with white – it looks clean and fresh but luxurious at the same time.

In the UK copper is currently the preferred polished metal

Our distributors in the UK tell us that it’s copper that is the “on-trend” polished metal at the moment.  And it seems that we’re following along here too with copper ceilings being specified in another South Island fit-out, in a Parnell restaurant, Woodpecker Hill and a new fit-out which we are longing to see completed.  This time it is going to be copper that is matched with white in a cross pattern.

All Metalier metals can be polished except iron

Actually iron can be a polished metal, it just never reaches the high sheen of the other metals in the Metalier range. Aluminium, brass, bronze, smoky bronze, copper and gunmetal bronze can all be highly polished.  So can our own metal mixes – classic gold, rose gold and aluminium blush.

We’re about to introduce new metals too.  On the drawing board for May 2015 are Zinc and Chocolate Bronze.  We can hardly wait to release them – in the workshop they’re putting the final touches on the samples now.

Contact us here or complete the form below to be the first to see the new metals.


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Rust design, Metalier liquid metal, transition pattern

Rust design | Metalier Liquid Metal

Metalier Rust Design is on TV again

We’re taking part in another series of How Did You do that? – This time it’s about a commercial fit-out for Bellbird Productions.   If you missed it on Choice TV you can go to their website and live stream it on your computer.  It features in Episode 3 (“Ep 3” if you’re in the business).  And there is more coming.

Metalier Rust Design is featured with a green wall

Ep 3 shows 3 Metalier rust design panels being erected onto a solid wall along with a green wall.  Plants are planted into green porous containers and slotted into a wall.  Everything is placed on the wall with the aid of a cherry picker.  Rust as an organic process sits well with the organic green of the plants and the planter boxes.

Metalier’s Rust Design range

Metalier produces a range of different rust effects.  Different colours of rust design can be produced using our unique Metalier patinas.  Metalier produces yellow rust, red rust, volcanic rust and brown rust design.  You can also create patterns in rust.  Our pattern which we’ve called transition combines rust in the low points with raw iron in the upper parts.

Metalier Rust Design is real rust

Metalier works with real metal.  Its rust design is created with real iron and real patina.  But it is purely decorative.  It has the same characteristics as destructive rust but does none of the damage.  This is because Metalier iron only rusts the very thing coating of Metalier.  It doesn’t go on to destroy the substrate.  This has a number of advantages.  The substrate is unharmed for one and because the process is stopped it doesn’t leach and dribble.  Much nicer!

At Metalier we have applied our rust design to doors, to panels, to fireplaces – all to great effect.  For a little rust in your life contact us here or complete the form below.


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Metalier liquid metal

Why you should choose Metalier Liquid Metal

Metalier Liquid Metal – Why it's a great choice

This week an architect challenged me to outline the reasons why you would use Metalier Liquid Metal instead of sheet metal.  On the job being specified flat panels were required.  The benefits of Metalier Liquid Metal being able to go round curves and corners and be flexible were of no advantage in this particular fit out.  And the cost of sheet brass and Metalier Liquid Metal bass panels was about the same.

At Metalier we love a challenge.

Here are our answers:

  1. Weight. 

Metalier coatings are much lighter than brass sheets so there is no need to strengthen walls and bracing.  Because they are lighter, Metalier sheets and panels are more convenient to handle.

  1. Convenience.

Metalier coatings can be made in sheets to the desired size, whether this is large or small.  There is no standard size.

  1. Tooling savings

The tooling required to cut sheets of brass on site tend to heat up the metal to an unacceptable level.  This means that the sheets of brass usually need to be cut off site using a guillotine to give a straight smooth cut.  Metalier panels can be cut on site to any shape using cut off wheel or duel blade saws which are easier to handle.  The coating will also not heat when being cut in this way.

  1. Safety

Safety is less of a concern on site as you are not dealing with a razor sharp sheet of metal.

  1. Patterns and textures

Metalier can be patterned and textured in a way not possible with sheet metal.  Sheet metal would not be a suitable medium for the beautiful flower motif used as our hero shot.

It’s great to be challenged and to have to “go back to basics” of why?  We know why but we need to be able to tell you too.

For more whys and how to order your Metalier Liquid Metal panels contact us here  or complete the contact form below.


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