A Metalier Metal design Solution – light, durable and it won’t break the bank

Metalier’s liquid metal coatings can solve your issues with a metal design solution tailored around your problem.  Metalier coatings are light and extremely durable indoors and out.  They allow you to use metal in ways that are simply not possible if you were limited to cast or sheet metals.

Metalier Coatings save you money

Most spectacularly Metalier metal veneers can provide a metal design solution for kinetic sculptures.  On large kinetic pieces Metalier has the potential to save literally millions of dollars.  Kinetic art is almost always made on a grand scale pieces designed to perform and entrance out doors in civic or national venues.  The problem with grand scale pieces in sheet or strip metal is that they come with grand scale prices too.  The durability of Metalier means that it can be used as a substitute.  Metalier is the “go to” company to provide a metal design solution for kinetic art.

Metalier is very light.

The lightness of Metalier coatings means that it offers a metal design solution when weight is, or is potentially, an issue.  Metalier specializes in producing amazing doors for homes, offices, and for retail and hospitality venues.  In almost every case the customer wants to have the look and feel of metal but doesn’t want to have to do a work out every time the door is opened and closed.  And no-one wants the extra expense of the strengthening required to support a solid or sheet-metal cladded door.  See, it even sounds heavy just to say the words.

Metalier goes round corners and edges

With a Metalier door there is no way that you can tell that it is not solid metal.  Because Metalier metals can be applied seamlessly to edges the whole door looks chunky and – well – solid.  What more could you want?

We love the design featured on this page.  It’s called “Arlo Agoseris” (Mountain Dandelion) by Mark Baltes and Ken McCall and it’s installed at Liquidity wineries in British Columbia – sounds like a great place to visit for the wines, the bistro and the art.

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