copper liquid metal

Metalier Copper Liquid Metal in the UK

Copper is “the” colour of the moment in the UK

A spectacular bar in Heswall, Merseyside has been completed using Metalier’s Copper Liquid Metal.  We are delighted to showcase our UK distributors again - Craig and Alison McDonald of Granlyn, West Bromwich, Metalier UK do Metalier proud.  We notice too that not only is copper liquid metal popular but angled bars seem to be as well.  Think of the aluminium Metalier Bar in The Sugar Club and the brass Metalier Bar in The Grand Leicester Hotel.

Metalier Copper Liquid Metal Finish is not paint

There are many brands and varieties of copper paint on the market.  For some applications paint is all that is required but for longevity, durability and authenticity you cannot go past Metalier’s real copper liquid metal.

Copper paints will usually contain a few metal flakes or even finely ground metal powder.  The copper won’t be the major ingredient in the paint – that will be acrylic or enamel.  So a copper paint will perform similarly to a paint.  Most paints last up to 10 years.  Metalier will last 25-30 years even outdoors.  In fact it will probably last must longer.

Metalier copper liquid metal finish (and our other metals too) are applied in ratios of metal to binder in weight from 75 to 80%.  As part of the Metalier process most of the binder is sanded away leaving a finish when complete of 95% metal.  This means that it is strong and durable and very real.

Metalier Copper Liquid Metal Finish can also be textured

Copper liquid metal can be made less liquid by the addition of Metalier’s proprietary thickener.  Patterns and textures can be created in the metal itself while it is still wet and malleable.  Not something you can achieve with paint.  You can also create lace effects – in fact what you can do with copper liquid metal is endless. And we love its warm rosy texture – we can understand why it’s so trendy at present.

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