High Polished Metal is a designer favourite

The various metals come and go in popularity but the preference for polish remains constant.

In New Zealand at present brass is the favourite polished metal. 

It featured in The iconic Sugar Club in 2013 and has been specified in a new pub in Dunedin.  We have a bathtub in polished brass currently in our workshop waiting collection.  It actually looks gorgeous – it’s an old-fashioned free-standing tub with antique clawed feet.  It’s painted black on the outside which shows off and contrasts with the brass to great effect.  We particularly like brass with white – it looks clean and fresh but luxurious at the same time.

In the UK copper is currently the preferred polished metal

Our distributors in the UK tell us that it’s copper that is the “on-trend” polished metal at the moment.  And it seems that we’re following along here too with copper ceilings being specified in another South Island fit-out, in a Parnell restaurant, Woodpecker Hill and a new fit-out which we are longing to see completed.  This time it is going to be copper that is matched with white in a cross pattern.

All Metalier metals can be polished except iron

Actually iron can be a polished metal, it just never reaches the high sheen of the other metals in the Metalier range. Aluminium, brass, bronze, smoky bronze, copper and gunmetal bronze can all be highly polished.  So can our own metal mixes – classic gold, rose gold and aluminium blush.

We’re about to introduce new metals too.  On the drawing board for May 2015 are Zinc and Chocolate Bronze.  We can hardly wait to release them – in the workshop they’re putting the final touches on the samples now.

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