Metalier Black Copper launched

This week Metalier launched its latest metal, Black Copper.  It has been the most successful launch in the Company’s history.  Architects and samples are clamouring for samples and it was specified the day after launch by MMiD Studio.  How is that for speed?

Black is always in fashion: and now there is Black Copper

We have often been asked for Black Metal but only now have we achieved what our designer clients have been asking for.  And it is so beautiful.

Metalier Black Copper sparkles

Because Black Copper is actually real Copper it has the minutest bright red copper specks randomly through it.  These specks do nothing to diminish the blackness of the finish.  Rather, they add to its depth and beauty.  Black Copper Liquid Metal is an incredibly sumptuous and luxurious finish.

Black Copper can be used indoors or out and it does not rust or corrode.  It is an excellent and cost-effective alternative to blackened steel.   It can be used anywhere – on kitchen cabinets and islands, on stairwells and reception counters.  It is equally at home in residential settings, in offices, retail or in bars and hotels.

Black is Metalier’s signature colour.  

It features strongly on our website and on our brochures and documentation.  Our business cards are black.  It was very gratifying this week placing samples into envelopes with a business card.  If you needed any proof that the metal was black, it was all there when the metal and card where placed side by side.

Metalier’s Black Copper liquid metal has been launched first in New Zealand.  If you are somewhere else, get in touch with us or the hub nearest you.  Launches elsewhere will follow shortly.  You can contact us the contact page on our website, by emailing us or by completing the form below.

We know you’ll love Black Copper as much as we do.


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