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Brass Gold

Our brass gold liquid metal is a traditional alloy

Metalier’s brass gold metal finish is made to our specification as to density and mesh in a specialised manufacturing plant in India. It is also made to our order as brass, like other metals oxidises as soon as it leaves the earth. Keeping it covered in a dark place helps to slow the oxidisation but cannot prevent it entirely. Metalier’s brass for its brass metal finishes is as fresh as it can be.

A brass liquid metal finish gives a light cost-effective result

Sheet metal brass is almost twice the price of even the most highly-polished brass Metalier finish. And it is about one/seventh of the weight. A square metre of brass metal finish will weigh 7 kilograms at most whereas a brass sheet at 50mm thick weighs 35 kilos. This has huge implications for the use of the metal in architectural applications. Walls and door lintels do not need to be strengthened to cope with the weight of solid brass. The look and feel of solid brass can be achieved on cost-effective substrates such as MDF. But if you need strength, then a brass metal finish on steel may be an alternative. Both options were used to great effect in The Sugar Club fit-out in Auckland, New Zealand.

Brass metal finishes can be textured, polished, waxed and patinated

Brass can be polished to a very shiny finish. It can also be textured and then waxed, or not as takes your fancy. And it looks like its existed for ever when you take to it with a little green patina. Brass can be most effective when used in an older building – coat aluminium light switches and light fittings and push plates for example.

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