Metalier’s Metal Coating on Fabric and Cloth – a development coming out of our film work

flexible water-based binder; flexible liquid metal

Our metal coating on fabric & cloth was a by-product of the work we were asked to do for the film industry

Metal coating on fabric & cloth was not, we confess, something we thought of initially ourselves.  We were asked to provide a flexible metal coating for latex and rubber so our development work concentrated on those substrates. As we began to stretch the chemistry of our binder we could see the possibilities growing before our eyes. It was very exciting.

So we began by testing the binder a little bit, on leather and stable fabrics. It worked. Then we got bolder and tried flimsier fabrics and finally have got to the stage where almost any fabric and even paper can be coated with the Metalier’s flexible metal coating.

So what are the uses for Metalier’s metal coating on fabric & cloth?

Metalier’s flexible coating can be used for any number of things:

  • Staying with film and theatre – imagine sumptuous stage curtains in – say – copper or bronze or brass. The Royal Shakespeare Company in the UK used Metalier’s Flexible Brass to coat a 90 sq m field of gold. It looked magnificent.
  • And what about drapes or curtains in restaurants, bars or private homes?
  • A fabric headboard in a hotel or residence.
  • Feature fabric panels in hotel lobbies or restaurants.
  • Mementos. We have often been asked to coat first baby shoes and dancers special ballet shoes. We have also coated a pair of children’s gumboots and a baseball cap.

The design options for metal coating on fabric & cloth are unlimited

There is no limit to the options available to clever and innovative designers. Our UK distributors, Granlyn, send out teasers of paper airplanes coated in iron that have a little magnet attached. The designers and architects who receive them are immediately intrigued. There is no better way of showing that it is a real iron coating than by attaching a magnet.

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