Liquid Metal - Tapping into our emotions, making us feel Powerful, Strong, Successful, Opulent and Abundant, helping us to feel Stable, Safe and Secure.

These powerful and emotive subliminal triggers can now be literally applied to all of your designs!

  • Have you experienced your unique creativity being seriously limited and constrained by either cost or the capability of the finishes that can be achieved?
  • Have you been frustrated, having to compromise your vision because of a limitation in the variation of colours and textures that you want?
  • How does it feel knowing your designs are innovative and unique but the only way they can be made real is to follow the same construction processes as everyone else?

Metalier Liquid Metal is a real metal coating that enables you to transform inexpensive substrates such as MDF into glorious sumptuous metal.

We work with architects, designers, kitchen and bathroom designers, boat-builders, hotel and restaurant designers and we work with individual customers on bespoke front doors and kitchens.

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metal veneer; aluminium decorative metal coating; liquid metal; restaurant bar

Any good successful design has to be pleasing to the eye, it has to be functional and it has to fit within a budget.

But a truly great design transcends all of this and will engage and interact with its users as if it were a living breathing thing. Triggering their senses to feel a certain way and to create powerful positive unconscious assumptions based on the space they are in.

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We all know earthy elements can do this and we can convey this powerful subliminal message with the clever use of wood, trees, plants and water.

If we want to make the user connect with logic and science to give them a more digital futuristic experience we would incorporate carbon fibre, complex laminates and highly engineered plastics.

But what about true power, the power that has been installed within us all, over thousands of years of evolution and conditioning. The foundational power that comes only from metals?

This material is so powerful we have denoted ages of our history as being governed by those that controlled the element.

The Bronze Age! The Iron Age! The development of strong effective and dependable tools and weapons. Those that mastered the elements controlled the environment.

We then discovered and defined finer metals, like gold and silver that began to represent wealth, opulence and fine craftsmanship and still do to this day.

Then we experienced the industrial revolution and the most important metal of all… STEEL!

Metalier brass polish, stunning fitout, liquid metal, metal veneer
Kitchen Maretalier lquid metal silver in an office

Steel has been the foundational core that our very civilisation has been built upon, the very element that creates the structure and the security we depend upon!

And we don’t have to look far to know how fundamental these materials are too us. When we think of the common sayings we all use as key references to all of the things we value.

“Nerves of Steel” “Cutting Edge” “Strike While The Iron Is Hot” “Cross My Palm With Silver” “Worth Your Weight In Gold” “Man Of Steel” “Cat On A Hot Tin Roof” “Iron Out The Wrinkles” “Get The Lead Out” And All That Glistens… here at Metalier can certainly look like gold, if that’s what you want!

People have such a powerful connection to metal, it represents the concept and symbolic meaning of that which they are experiencing.

So what powerful symbolic meaning and message do you want people to connect with through your design.

What completely unique parts of your design will be best represented in metal. What complex elements and shapes would you have as a bold feature in metal if only you could?

What walls, panels, doors and cabinets would make your design complete and so different from anything else, if only it were to be in a strikingly unique metal finish?

What glint, what sheen, what colours, textures and patinas, have you compromised on in the past because they just couldn’t be done.

All of this is available to you now!

We can apply liquid metal to anything, any size, shape, any texture and patina. Whatever you have envisaged for the one off perfect look that you need, we can do!

Find out more about the almost limitless options that we can deliver for you that will make your beautiful spaces, truly connect and come to life in exactly the way that you have imagined.

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You can see, touch and experience a wide selection of these finishes for yourself by simply clicking the  BUTTON below and requesting your comprehensive bespoke FREE sample pack.

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Copper bowl: Metalier liquid metal