Win with Metalier - read this to find out how

The beautiful and elegant fit-out that brought you here is, we trust, an inspiration to explore the boundaries of creativity.

We’d like to challenge you to push the boundaries so this is what we propose:

  1. Create an original design using one of Metalier’s patterns  – it could be on a cabinet, a front door -anything you fancy
    as long as it is different.
  2.  Send it to us as a drawing or as a finished item* and we’ll feature it
    on a new Creative Designer’s Page. We’ll also blog about it and
    give you a link back to your website.
  3. When someone commissions your design, we’ll pay you a design
    fee and give you more publicity.
  4.  There’s no time-limit on this and no limit to the number of
    designs you can submit.
  5. Any questions sing out by telephone 09 3767099 or email
    us. We love to hear from you.

PS * If you want to submit a finished item talk to us about how to achieve this.