Metalier liquid metal in champagne gold in Harrods

Wellcoll: Metalier European Master Distributor

Our European Master Distributor: Meet Wellcoll

Metalier Coatings and Wellcoll are delighted to announce that they have agreed that Wellcoll Group will be the Metalier European Master Distributor. Wellcoll is based in Sittard in the south of The Netherlands. In total it has six branches.

Wellcoll, like the UK Metalier distributor Granlyn Specialist Coatings, was originally concerned with the automotive business. Like Granlyn, it spread its interests, aptitude and knowledge into liquid metal. Wellcoll and Granlyn are in regular communication to ensure the best possible roll-out of Metalier Coatings in Europe.

Wellcoll knows liquid metal

Wellcoll, however, before it turned to Metalier used another liquid metal product. So they come to their role as Metalier European Master Distributor well-versed in the nuances of the product. Even though the technology is in the same family, Wellcoll has found huge differences in performance and handling. And the differences are all good ones. As Vital Verheggen Managing Director of Wellcoll said to us recently “we are so happy we have made the move to Metalier”. At Head Office, we’re happy too.

Wellcoll decided to join the international Metalier team in January 2020. And then came Covid! It took eight months to get the first order of stock to The Netherlands. From August 2020, however, Wellcoll has not looked back. It is now fully stocked, has its first brochure about to be printed, has its internet presence sorted out (click here) and it is open for business. In fact, it is already doing business and selling product and application knowledge to companies that are taking the technology in-house as an adjunct to their existing businesses. You can find out more on the Wellcoll website.

Get in touch

The first point of contact with Wellcoll is through its artistic and design director, Johan Gielissen. His telephone number is +31 88 758 08 87 and his email address is here. Johan can assist companies to take Metalier Coatings in-house. He is also the person to contact to discuss becoming an applicator or sub-distributor of Metalier’s liquid metal coating. At this stage, all the countries of the EU are open to opportunities. We do not expect that to last long.

Metalier Coatings are used by architects, designers, boatbuilders, kitchen companies, landscape designers and super-yacht designers. You will find Metalier Coatings in hotels, resorts, yachts, offices, retail and bars and restaurants and in homes. Metalier’s exciting and innovative finishes have been used often to create statement front entrances.

The opportunities are endless and the journey is an exciting one. To come along for the ride contact us now, complete the form below or contact your local distributor.