Metalier liquid metal brass in porthole windows

Liquid Metal Curves - metal versatility

Metalier Liquid Metal curves and follows the substrate

It does so whether the substrate is concave, convex or flat. Curved and complex substrates become real metal with ease.  Many of the substrates we coat couldn’t otherwise be created in metal at all.  Or if they could be created out of sheet metal they would be extremely expensive and very heavy.

Liquid Metal Curves are a feature of the Harrods escalators

The beautiful bank of escalators at Harrods was created using a Metalier coating in a specially created colour we’ve called champagne gold.  It was also created using our unique water-based coating.  The bulkheads of the elevators are curved with feature grooves.  Quite frankly this would be a nightmare to create in sheet metal.

Liquid metal curves can be convex or concave

I confess that I always have to check which is concave and which is convex.   Concave curves inward like a bath and convex bulges outwards.  Metalier has coated a bath in high-polished classic gold – you can see it in the Projects-Objects section of the main website.  It is more common to coat convex articles – scotia, light-fittings, cherubs, statues, bowls, portholes, Dr Gloom and even gumboots and shoes.

Liquid metal goes round corners

As well as being a star in the curves department, Metalier liquid metal can also be applied to corners and edges.  In homes and apartments it is ideal for cabinetry in kitchens and bathrooms and for statement front doors.  For offices, shops, bars and hotels it is ideal for reception counters, bar fronts, elevator doors and surrounds, bed heads and feature columns.

There is no limit to where you can use Metalier liquid metal coatings and there are so many colour options and textures and effects to choose from that every application is unique and bespoke.

There are 10 (or 11) reasons why you should choose Metalier liquid metal and we’ve listed them all here.  For more information you can email us, telephone us or complete the form below.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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Metalier liquid metal leaf in brass and life

Cold liquid metal - cold & seamless

Cold liquid metal

Being cold is an essential character of Metalier cold liquid metal.  It's essential for a number of reasons.  You can read all the reasons for choosing Metalier liquid metal here.

Because it's cold, Metalier liquid metal can be sprayed on the most unlikely of surfaces including polystyrene.  It can be sprayed through lace fabric and on to delicate substrates that would be destroyed by a hot or molten process.  This is one of the features that gives Metalier its versatility.  The leaves in the pattern in the picture would have been destroyed if a hot process had been used.

Smooth surfaces

If a smooth surface is required Metalier liquid metal is sprayed using conventional cold-spray equipment.  If you want a textured finish, you mix the metals and binder together and then trowel or pour it onto the substrate.  Whether the mixture can be poured or not depends on how thick it is.  And thickness is governed by the type of texture you are creating.  A heavier texture will require a thicker mix.


In addition our liquid metal can be moulded.  As you might imagine, cold-casting is much faster and much less expensive than foundry metal.  It's also a lot less dangerous to work with and - surprise - you don't get hot working with it.

Metalier liquid metal finishes when cured are cold to the touch.  They are cold just as sheet metal or foundry metal is cold to the touch.  If you have any doubt that you are touching a real metal coating - give it the touch test.  If it's cold it will be genuine.  If it's not, it will be paint.


Another essential feature of Metalier is that it is seamless - that means application is not limited by the size of the substrate sheet.  In fact - no limitation is at the heart of liquid metal coating.  You can create virtually anything on virtually any substrate of virtually any size.  What more could you want?

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Liquid Metal Signs | Metalier Coatings

Liquid Metal Signs tick all the Metalier Boxes

Liquid Metal signs are one of the best ways to use all the design possibilities of Metalier Coatings.  Also using Metalier Coatings for signage means you reap all the benefits that Metalier offers – not just for signwriters but for all Metalier specifiers.

Look at this list:

First:  there is the huge number of metals and metal colour combinations that allow talented sign-writers’ design muses to run wild.  You can match a metal to a customer’s brand colours or think up a whole new metal colour by mixing and playing with the basic metal range.

Second:  you can texture, patina and rust signs for a unique and different look.

Third:  Metalier liquid metal signs can be a fraction of the weight of the same sign in sheet or solid metal.  Suitable substrates include acrylic and plastic.  A light-weight sign means less stress on a building, less bracing and it’s a whole heap easier to install too.

Fourth:  Metalier liquid metal goes round curves – think rounded lettering and graphic designs.  There is just no limit to what you can do.

Fifth:  Metalier liquid metal follows the indentations of the substrate.  This means that you can router a logo in a reception desk, for example.  The face of your business is this subtly reflected and reinforced.  Create a wall of logos in a reception area.  You can cut a design into the substrate or have it standing proud.

Sixth:  Metalier liquid metal signs are cost-effective.  It is much quicker, easier and cheaper to cut a sign from plastic or acrylic than it is to cut one from sheet metal.

It’s not only sign-writers who can benefit from the signage possibilities offered by Metalier Coatings.  Architects and designers can incorporate the design features of this flexible form of signage into the very heart of their designs.  We can help you win awards too.  This rust sign won a Signage award in New Zealand.

We’d love to help you create beautiful signs.  Contact us:

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In Vietnam

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smoky bronze liquid metal; metal veneer; decorative metal coating; award-winning kitchen; designer kitchen; rangehood; cupboards

Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchen Design ideas from Shane George, along with many of our other favourite designers, really float our boat. And when the designer says he loves working with our product we’re in Metalier heaven.

Shane from Kitchens by Design specializes in kitchens and bathrooms. These are areas where Metalier can add that extra little something that lifts the design from the special to the spectacular. It was so spectacular in the kitchen pictured that Shane won first prize in the 2017 TIDA awards in NZ. In this kitchen Metalier Smoky Bronze has been used in the upper-level cupboards above the scullery/pantry area. It’s also been used on a range-hood installed above the hobs. We like the way the metal really finishes off the area and compliments the colour-ways of the smoky glass doors.

One of the advantages of working with a bespoke product like Metalier is that every finish will be unique. There is no danger of seeing your kitchen design ideas copied – your kitchen or bathroom will be unique to you. The individuality you will achieve is partly because there are so many metals and so many other options – patinas, waxes and textures.

At Metalier we work with designers and architects to fill their visions. It’s great fun to be able to show-off how much we can do. We also have some pretty handy ideas ourselves which we love sharing so if you want to know what’s possible in kitchen design ideas or anything else for that matter, contact one of our international distribution partners:

Granlyn in the UK

M2 in North America

Andrew in Russia

Yani in Brunei

Clay in Australia

 at HQ in Auckland NZ or our South Island distributor here.

unique decorative ideas

Unique decorative ideas with liquid metal

Unique decorative ideas are the life-blood of Metalier Coatings.

Unique decorative ideas can being with the substrate. And it is certainly true that we apply cold-spray metal coatings to a vast array of substrates. But it’s how we do it that makes us unique. And we can make your home, office, shop or hotel unique too.

The unique decorative idea featured in the picture on this blog page was created by one of our senior technicians in New Zealand, Michael. Michael doesn’t just apply Metalier metals – he can’t stop himself designing and creating with them. It’s almost irresistible as the options are so many and varied.

We love the red and the aluminium together. The sunburst pattern could be developed with any of our 20 metal colours or a new one. The underlying colour can be any dye colour or another metal. And the pattern can be any size. One great big sunburst on the front door of a home or store, board room or hotel doors would be stunning. It could also be an amazing bed headboard or a splashback. Or a work of art.

Michael is one of many talented creators around the world. Our teams in the UK, in the USA and India all bring their own unique decorative ideas for colour mixes, textures and patterns to the table. What this means is that you, the customer, can have a finish that’s special and unique to you. While we are very good dreaming up our own ideas, we’re also very good at making your ideas a reality too.

So for something different and stunning, contact us:

UK here
USA here
India & MENA here
NZ Head quarters and other applicators here

Or contact us we’ll direct your inquiry to the correct person.

Bronze liquid metal paint – on latex

Bronze liquid metal paint finish created on latex.

Bronze liquid metal paint was used to create this sumptuous finish on a piece of latex. To make sure that the latex was properly coated our Water-based Flexible Binder was used.

Flexible binder

Metalier’s Flexible Binder was designed mainly for the film, theatre and larp industries. This piece of latex was given to us so that the binder could be put through its paces. Even though we say it ourselves, we think the bronze liquid metal paint looks spectacular. The pattern underlying the metal is in the substrate. It is not, on this occasion, created using our textured techniques. In fact, it is not possible to create textures using the Flexible Binder – they must always be in the substrate. Metalier’s polishing techniques, however, allow the full beauty of the metal to be exposed.


Bronze is one of the favourite alloys – and Metalier has bronze in many varieties. We have bronze, smoky bronze, chocolate bronze, dusky bronze and gunmetal bronze. Bronze is, in fact, so versatile that it doesn’t always even have the brown look associated with the metal. Dusky bronze is a greenish grey and gunmetal bronze, as you would expect, is a deep grey – well gunmetal – colour.

To find out more about Metalier bronzes or our flexible binder or our bronze contact us.

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Nebula Liquid Metal Finish

Nebula Liquid Metal is a new finish combining metal, artistry and exclusive patinas.

Nebula Liquid Metal Finish was created in the workshop at HQ in Auckland, New Zealand, for a very lucky client’s front door.

If it’s not mixing our metaphors we are over the moon about the finish. It truly is very beautiful and conjures up images of the heavens and interstellar dust clouds. A nebular in the sky, just like this Metalier finish, is a truly wondrous thing to behold. They are named after the Latin word for cloud. For humanity nebulae are objects of endless intrigue and discovery.

We’re fond of a bit of actual star-gazing ourselves. When this door finish was created, we were looking down at it – but we felt like we were looking upwards. The designer and the client are thrilled.

We’ve shared the formula for this magic finish with our international hubs so that, no matter where you are, you can have this finish for your door or cupboards or reception desk – whatever. And the beauty of this finish is that it is organic. Although we’ll use the same metals and processes again and again, each iteration of the finish will look slightly different and will be unique. This is because there will be different humidity and temperatures and no two people will apply the patina in the same way each time.

Nebula Liquid Metal finish is a fantastic example of the artistic creations possible using Metalier metals and our fabulous range of patinas.

If you are in the UK and fancy nebula for yourself then contact our UK hub and distribution centre,
Granlyn Specialist Coatings. All their contact details are here.

If you are in North America then there contact details are here – or you could go to their own Metalier website ……

For India and the Middle East our representatives’ contact details are here

And for anyone else contact HQ here.

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Metalier University; liquid metal; diploma

Metalier University – become an expert

Metalier University  - an idea from North America.

Metalier University is a term coined by the Metalier Team at our North American Hub. M2, our exclusive distributor in North America has a vast area to service. So they’re doing it by holding 3 day training courses in Elkhart, Indiana and they have produced a comprehensive video course as an alternative.

While not actually a university – really – Metalier training courses are comprehensive and every one leaves saying they’ve learned heaps.

One of the attendees at the first session at Elkhart, Ron Opatril of Phoenix Arizona, had this to say:

"The days spent with all of you was well worth it! We are working on a couple of ideas that should prove to be positive for all of us. I have shown the images to several high end designers in the Arizona market and heads are spinning."

Not only do you learn heaps, you also come out with a great certificate for your office wall which confirms that you are an authorised Metalier Applicator. Sort of like getting a degree, don’t you think? “I’ve got an MA from Metalier University” sounds pretty good to me.

And above all – the courses are “hands-on” and they’re heaps of fun. The guys in the picture all look like they’ve had a good time, don’t they. And our team has a great time too. We love the initial looks of wonder as they start to “get” what Metalier is all about. We love too the look of pride on the faces of the attendees as they start to create their own finishes and try out their ideas.

Metalier North America is spreading its wings across the USA. We have trained people from 8 states now.

1 in Arizona, 3 from California, 1 from Colorado, 1 from Texas, 1 from Georgia, 2 from Wisconsin, 2 from Michigan, 1 from Indiana and 1 from New York.

To join the next course at Metalier University or complete their on-line training please contact Tim. Metalier University has branches too, you know: in the UK contact Alison; and at HQ contact Mary.


Or complete the form below:

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copper veneer

Copper veneer | a design element

Copper veneer | How to be on trend

Copper veneer as a design element is a way of adding a warm glow and elegance to any home, office, restaurant or commercial fit-out. Copper, along with brass and rose gold are much less harsh than the greys and are soft and reflective. It is “on trend” in 2017 as designers move away from grey and into the light comforting tones of the “brown” metals.

Metalier NZ coated aluminium louvres with copper so that the louvres would match the roof, spouting and downpipes. Not only did this solve the external aesthetics of the building, it created a warm copper glow in the interior.

Antiqued Copper from India

In this post we are showcasing a copper pattern created by our talented team in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India who are all set up ready to train applicators on the Indian sub-continent and also the Middle East. This particular antiqued finish is created using Metalier’s own patinas.

It’s a design the Indian team have created. It looks somewhat like the antiqued copper we produce at Head Quarters but it has its own unique stamp. This is because Metalier is a hand-crafted bespoke finish. Every person who creates a finish will put their own stamp on it. This means that the number of finishes is truly immense. It also means that if a sample is to be created for a job, the the person who is going to do the job should create the sample. What it means for our delighted Metalier customers is that they can be confident that no one will have a metal effect that looks exactly like anyone else’s.

There are now Metalier applicators in the UK, in the USA, Brunei, Belgium, Russia, Iran, Vietnam, the Philippines as well as India. We haven’t kept up with how many applicators there are in many of the countries – however, you can contact them through us

Or complete the form below:

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Paper Airplanes | Flexible Binder

Paper Airplanes – Metalier Flexible Binder

Paper Airplanes made with Metalier iron in our flexible binder have been used as a marketing teaser by our UK distributors, Granlyn Specialist Coatings since they first joined the team. That was 5 years ago now so that’s a lot of architects and designers who have a paper airplane on their desks!

Paper Airplanes made with Metalier iron are magnetic

A really clever part of the teaser is that if you add a little magnet to the surface you’ve told the person who opens the envelope that they’re holding something made or real metal. And you’ve told them that it is metal that will bend and can be folded.

Metal Monkey Design has made a video

Metal Monkey Design are a certified Metalier applicator in the UK. They’ve made this cute little video about how to make a paper airplane. Watch it here. It demonstrates beautifully how we have fun with Metalier and it also demonstrates the unique qualities of our flexible liquid metal coating.

You can apply metal to paper.

The coating bends and folds.

It’s light so it can fly.

Metalier flexible liquid metal was formulated primarily for the film and larp industries at the behest of world-renown studios, Weta Workshop. It was designed particularly to be a durable coating to adhere to latex armour. Weta needed the coating to be especially durable so that it wouldn’t get damaged when actors fall off horses. Finally it needed to be a “clean” coating too. There’s nothing worse than the hero snuggling up to a heroine for a wee kiss and getting dirt all over her white robes, negligee or whatever. It’s been used by the Royal Shakespeare Company too – we’re very proud of these feathers in the Metalier cap.

To outfit your army or create your very own fleet of planes contact HQ here, USA here, and Granlyn here.