kitchen design, aged brass kitchen, brass kitchen, brass liquid metal, decorative metal coating

Kitchen Design with Metalier

Kitchen design with metal

Being involved with kitchen design is one of our favourite things. It's a real treat to see the wonderful and innovative designs that usually first cross our paths as quote requests, then get into the workshop and finally are realised in the client's home.

In 2019 we worked on a fabulous kitchen design in a finish we have named water-aged brass. The brass was a real feature in the kitchen teamed with a stone bench and splash back.  Although there was a professional designer involved in this rebuild, the client was very design-conscious herself and had strong ideas. Because of this she was a regular visitor to the Metalier showroom. It was a real buzz to work with her as we discussed the many options we could offer.  The picture below is of the finished design. It looks stunning and our client is thrilled.

kitchen design, aged brass kitchen, brass kitchen, brass liquid metal, decorative metal coating

It goes without saying that she "gets" Metalier and was as keen to use as much of it as she could. As well as the kitchen we coated the statement front door in our brass moonrock finish plus two bathrooms in gunmetal bronze and another in rose pink.

Water-aged brass

Water-aged brass is a new finish that our talented team developed. Without giving away all our secrets we can confirm that water was indeed a feature of the patina application. And in this case it was our Patina M16. A close-up of the finish is pictured below.

Water-aged brass, patinated brass, aged brass, brass liquid metal, kitchen design in aged brass

You may well ask why the colours of the two finishes look different. They are both brass and they are both patinated in the same way. Metal, however, whether sheet or our real metal coatings are notoriously difficult to photograph. The light plays tricks. The best way to see Metalier in the flesh, so to speak, is to request a sample.

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Great design principles: Metalier liquid metal; smoky bronze liquid metal; smokey bronze; metal veneer; rangehood

Great design principles

Great design and what it means is in some ways subjective.

No doubt there are philosophers who have expounded on the subject – probably at some length.  There are also some elements, such as balance, composition and functionality that must be in sync for a design to be great.

At Metalier, we’ve often worked with Sue Gillbanks of Kitchens by Design and the picture above is one of Sue’s kitchens.  In this kitchen the design’s central element is the unusual pattern and colour in the stone splash back.  The palette is muted in tones of cream and a mushroom brown.  Sue has carried forward the colours into the cream bench and the cream cabinets with their brown handles.  The range-hood tones perfectly in Metalier smoky bronze (one of Sue’s favourite metals).  The table and chairs complete the brown contribution to the theme.

Variety is added with having glass in the end cabinet to show off the owners’ glassware and crockery and there is a touch of whimsy in the little shelf high on the left side of the splash back. The towel rails with their ceramic knobs are a quirky touch too.

This kitchen is an illustration of all the elements that make up great design in our opinion – subjectivity again!  Above all good design contributes to how we live and how happily and well we live and function.  I am sure that the cook or cooks who get to work in this kitchen just love every minute they spend in this room.  I imagine too that this translates into the great dishes that are produced here.  And you certainly wouldn’t want to leave it in a mess!

And don’t forget that the design has to be stunningly beautiful.  We think this kitchen is and we’d love to take it home.

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smoky bronze liquid metal; metal veneer; decorative metal coating; award-winning kitchen; designer kitchen; rangehood; cupboards

Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchen Design ideas from Shane George, along with many of our other favourite designers, really float our boat. And when the designer says he loves working with our product we’re in Metalier heaven.

Shane from Kitchens by Design specializes in kitchens and bathrooms. These are areas where Metalier can add that extra little something that lifts the design from the special to the spectacular. It was so spectacular in the kitchen pictured that Shane won first prize in the 2017 TIDA awards in NZ. In this kitchen Metalier Smoky Bronze has been used in the upper-level cupboards above the scullery/pantry area. It’s also been used on a range-hood installed above the hobs. We like the way the metal really finishes off the area and compliments the colour-ways of the smoky glass doors.

One of the advantages of working with a bespoke product like Metalier is that every finish will be unique. There is no danger of seeing your kitchen design ideas copied – your kitchen or bathroom will be unique to you. The individuality you will achieve is partly because there are so many metals and so many other options – patinas, waxes and textures.

At Metalier we work with designers and architects to fill their visions. It’s great fun to be able to show-off how much we can do. We also have some pretty handy ideas ourselves which we love sharing so if you want to know what’s possible in kitchen design ideas or anything else for that matter, contact one of our international distribution partners:

Granlyn in the UK

M2 in North America

Andrew in Russia

Yani in Brunei

Clay in Australia

 at HQ in Auckland NZ or our South Island distributor here.