Unique decorative ideas are the life-blood of Metalier Coatings.

Unique decorative ideas can being with the substrate. And it is certainly true that we apply cold-spray metal coatings to a vast array of substrates. But it’s how we do it that makes us unique. And we can make your home, office, shop or hotel unique too.

The unique decorative idea featured in the picture on this blog page was created by one of our senior technicians in New Zealand, Michael. Michael doesn’t just apply Metalier metals – he can’t stop himself designing and creating with them. It’s almost irresistible as the options are so many and varied.

We love the red and the aluminium together. The sunburst pattern could be developed with any of our 20 metal colours or a new one. The underlying colour can be any dye colour or another metal. And the pattern can be any size. One great big sunburst on the front door of a home or store, board room or hotel doors would be stunning. It could also be an amazing bed headboard or a splashback. Or a work of art.

Michael is one of many talented creators around the world. Our teams in the UK, in the USA and India all bring their own unique decorative ideas for colour mixes, textures and patterns to the table. What this means is that you, the customer, can have a finish that’s special and unique to you. While we are very good dreaming up our own ideas, we’re also very good at making your ideas a reality too.

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