copper and iron; Mars sand

Copper and Iron together | Metalier Liquid Metal

A copper and iron mix – what shall we call it?

Copper and iron experimentation with rust have produced a beautiful new finish from the team at Metalier HQ. Actually it was Will, the Manager, who made the finish but everyone else chipped in with suggestions. To date we haven’t named it but suggestions have been Mars, Mars Sand, Martian and The Outback. We’re inclined to something leaning towards Mars.  There has been recent strong evidence of water on the planet, and as we’re keen sky-gazers, we thought we should honour that discovery. You’d need some water to create the rust, perhaps?

Copper and iron together have medical associations

If you google “copper and iron” the first page is almost entirely taken up with medical and metabolism references. There is one reference, however by the Copper Development Association to the fact that copper has been used for many years to modify the properties of steel and cast irons.

Metalier’s interest in Copper and Iron is purely aesthetic, however.

The new finish is elegant, it blends high polish with rustic rust and allows the rust to look very sophisticated. We can’t wait to see it on a reception desk, or lift doors – maybe a fireplace surround or on a super yacht. We still can’t help being amused by the audacious designer who put rust next to white velvet in the saloon of a super yacht. The contrast of styles and aesthetics was just stunning.

It sounds like a cliché to say that the options with Metalier are unlimited but it is actually true. If we provided samples of every finish we’ve ever done the sample boxes wouldn’t be 19cm long (that’s 7 ½ inches for Americans and old people) they would fill a whole bookcase – a bit difficult to lug around for presentations.

If you would like to tell us what you think we should call this new finish or order it, or something else for yourself, please contact us or complete the form below.


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