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Water-based Liquid Metal

Water-based liquid metal is leading edge.

Metalier is the world's leading manufacturer of our flexible and water-based liquid metal.  Of course we have a solvent binder too, but the world is heading towards zero VOCs and green materials.  With our water-based liquid metal binder Metalier is at the forefront of this development.  Respecting our environment is very important to us.

Water-based liquid metal has many advantages

One of the advantages is that it actually smells pleasant.  This is a great boon to applicators and finishers and their neighbours.

Another is that it dries so quickly.  This allows for a speedier turnaround of work – important in this present age of immediacy.

It makes applications in situ much easier.

It has fewer ingredients than the solvent liquid metal system so there is less chance of errors.

With the water-based liquid metal binder you don’t need acetone, gun-cleaner, thinner or catalyst so it is much quicker to make a mixture.

It has a longer shelf-life than the solvent binder.

Water-based liquid metal is non-hazardous

Our dispatch department tells us that water-based liquid metal is a dream to freight around the world.  There is no expensive Haz Mat documentation, no additional documentation fees, no off-loading by shipping companies or airlines.  And it is so much cheaper to ship.

Auckland City refurbishment

When the Auckland City offices moved into a building formerly occupied by a bank, it was essential to remove the bank branding and replace it with its own.  Part of the requirement was to coat lintels at the main doorways – a job that needed to be done in situ.  Our custom-made metal, Gunmetal Bronze, a dark gun-metal grey, was chosen by the architects.  A light-textured finish was rolled onto the lintels in situ.  The resulting effect is fabulous and very New Zealand in flavour.

The health gurus keep telling us to drink more water.  While we don’t want you to drink our water-based liquid metal we do want you to use it more and more.  You’ll be pleased you did.

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