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Metal in art brings to mind great sculptures

Like the wonderful works of Terry Stringer, featured on this page, metal in art can mean sculptures and heavy cast metal in bronze.  We at Metalier are devoted fans of Terry and his work and have a little collection of our own. And we love visiting Terry’s sculpture garden, Zealandia.

Metal in art can also mean using Metalier Liquid Metal

Metalier liquid metal has also been used artistically in a variety of ways.  It was used as a feature of the Shadows of Shoah Exhibition.  Shadows of Shoah is a touring exhibition bringing to life the horrors of the Holocaust.  Metalier’s textured iron was used to create a menacing background to the pictures of the survivors.

Metal in art can be playful too

Metalier is very proud to sponsor young artist, Alex Bartleet. If you go to Alex’s website  the home page features a work he created in Metalier brass.   Alex uses thousands of objects in his artworks that document the environment he currently lives in.  Some of the objects he uses are more recognizable than others. He assembles the objects as randomly as possible and preserves them in resins, metals and paint.

Alex had a solo exhibition in 20112 based entirely round his works being coated in Metalier metals.  Metalier provided the coatings and applied them using our spray method onto the works.  Alex, to our relief, was more than happy to sand and finish the works – a process which, in this case, because of the intricate, delicate and immense number of surfaces was very time-consuming.  It was also a major part of creating the art in any case.

As part of the sponsorship, Alex donated to Metalier one of the works featured in the exhibition.  It is in aluminium and we love it.

Now all we have to do is to think of a way to sponsor Terry too!!

We are here to hear about your ideas for using Metalier to bring art and beauty into your décor.  Give us a call or send us an email.


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