Metal coating on acrylic is a signwriter’s heaven

Acrylic is lightweight. It weighs about half the weight of glass.

Metalier’s metal coating on acrylic is very light. Not only is acrylic light, it’s also stronger than glass. It is, we are told, nine times stronger than glass. And, of course it is suitable for use indoors and outsides.

Acrylic is versatile

Acrylic is versatile too. It can be fabricated, folded or moulded into various shapes and sizes – all the different shapes that take well to Metalier’s ability to go around corners and curves. You can even buy it patterned. This is a great way to add interest to your Metalier finish and is another reason why Metalier is a perfect metal coating on acrylic.

Acrylic is easy to work with

Acrylic is much easier to work with and cut than either metal or glass. It has a consistent thickness across the sheet – important for getting a good Metalier liquid metal finish. It’s good in the workshop too as it is easy to prepare for coating. It has a softness that allows the sanders to get into it and create a good key.

As well as being a heaven for signwriters, acrylic sheets can be used for all sorts of things, including boat windows, feature panels, wall linings and splash backs when glass is not required for its fire-rating qualities.

Acrylic is also a useful tool in the retail sector

It can be used as brochure holders, literature and poster holders, display and point of sale displays. A relatively inexpensive material can be jazzed-up with Metalier liquid metal to become a sophisticated asset to any retail or hospitality fit-out. Jazzing-up is, after all, what Metalier coatings are all about – another reason why our metal coating on acrylic ticks so many boxes.

Acrylic is cost-effective

Acrylic is also a lot less expensive than glass. And when covered with Metalier coatings, who would know what was underneath.

You get great results applying our metal coating on acrylic. Talk to us about your next acrylic project so that it and Metalier can bring your ideas to fruition.

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