Sprayable Metal is at the heart of Metalier technology

The ability to apply sprayable metal to almost any substrate, seamlessly and in almost any configuration is at the very heart of what Metalier is all about

That, and its weight, is what makes Metalier Coatings different to foundry and sheet metal.

Sheet metal can be flexed and curved up to a point but not like Metalier sprayable metals. You can create curves in foundry metal but that involves great weight and expense and you’re limited to the metals you can use. With sheet metal – it’s in sheets. So you are limited by the size of the panels you can buy.

The success of sprayable metal is all in the binders

The binder is the critical ingredient that delivers the metal powders to the chosen substrate.

Traditionally the binder used for this process is solvent-based and Metalier too has its own solvent-based binder. What is different about the Metalier system, however, is that it offers a choice of three binders – High Performance Solvent-based Binder, Water-based Binder and Flexible Binder. The Flexible Binder is also water-based.

Read more about the properties of each binder on its own page:

Each has its own benefits and which you choose will depend on a number of things:

  • the substrate
  • whether the surface is vertical or horizontal
  • will it be subject to heavy use – a bench-top or floor for example?
  • is the finish to be textured?
  • is the substrate to be patinated or rusted?
  • what metal has been chosen?
  • is at in situ application or a workshop one?

The answers to these questions will inform your choice.

If you are unsure or would like more information we are here to help.

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