Metalier’s Flexible Water based Binder creates new options within the film and design worlds

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Weta Workshop asked for a flexible water based binder that is durable, shiny, labour-saving, clean and flexible

There is no point having shiny metal armour that leaves a nasty stain on the damsel’s white dress when the knight moves in for a little kiss.

Metalier’s Flexible Water Based Binder ticks all the boxes for the film industry

Latex “armour” can be metalled and finished in a much shorter time than before.

Actors can fall off horses, off battlements or out of windows and their latex armour will be undamaged. Before the advent of Metalier flexible water based binder, film staff would have to work through the night to repair damaged armour for the next day’s shoot, Dummies representing the fallen in battle, wearing latex armour coated with Metalier’s flexible metal coating, can be strewn round battlefields and “run over” with carriages and horses without damaging the metal coating.

Flexible Metal Water Based Binder can be used in design and art as well as film

Imagine sumptuous bronze, copper or classic gold on oversized draped curtains.

Imagine any of the metals used in kinetic sculptures or other art works where movement and flexibility are required.

The Process for Flexible finishes

The ingredients for Metalier flexible finishes are:

  1. The highest quality Metalier sintered metal powders
  2. Metalier flexible water based binder
  3. Water (if you need it)

These ingredients are mixed together and sprayed using compressed air and HVLP guns. After curing, which can take up to 2-4 hours, the hardened metal surface is polished, patinated or waxed with Metalier polish, patinas, waxes and Nano Metal Clear Coat – whatever finish is required.

As part of delivering on flexible metal coatings Metalier has devised an optimal finishing system using 3M bristles, small hand-sanders with interface pads and Scotch-Brite. When you become a purchaser of Metalier’s flexible coating system, you’ll find out all our secrets for free. Our system ensures that you get the highest shine in the shortest time. What could be better than that?

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