Metalier’s Nano Metal Clear Coat is a cutting edge formulation

Metalier decorative metal – Metalier’s metal clear coat solves the problem that just can’t be avoided.

Metal needs a metal clear coat. It oxidises. It just does. And there’s nothing you can do to stop it other than sealing it. And, until we found our nano clear coat this was easier said than done. The problem is that if you apply too thick a clear coat the metal looks like plastic. If it’s too thin then it doesn’t do its job properly.

The Nano Metal Clear Coat from Metalier is different and outstanding

We know – we’ve tried most of them!

The difference with Metalier’s Clear Coat is that it is designed to be applied with a fine layer of material. It is misted onto the decorative metal finish so that sufficient coverage is achieved. The metal is protected but the plastic look is avoided. And it’s so strong. If not abraided it will last 5-10 years, perhaps longer. The scientist who formulated it believes that without abrasion it should last forever. His attorney won’t let him say that, however!

One of the reasons that the Nano Metal Clear Coat is different from other coatings is that it combines organic polymers with inorganic oxides in a different ratio and combines them at a molecular level using nano technology. Which means that it works at a molecular level. And as an added bonus the coating gives UV protection and is an anti-graffiti coating as well. The slip co-efficient is in the 30s so it is not slippery to walk on if it is used as a coating to protect flooring. Yes – it is so strong that you can walk on it.

Sometimes we want things to age

And that’s fine too. Metalier’s Nano Metal Clear Coat is an option when you want to preserve the look created and do not want oxidisation to continue.

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