So what is Metalier?

It is a decorative metal coating which is for interior and exterior applications.

Metalier is a cold-spray composite decorative metal coating that allows you to make any substrate look as though it is solid metal.  It is a metal finish, like a veneer, which has two main ingredients – the binders and the metals. There are also important extras – patina, waxes, polishes and nano clear coat.  Take a look at our video to see the process:

Metalier’s decorative metal coating system contains two major components:

First is the binder.

The binder is the most important component of the Metalier decorative metal coating system.  The special ingredients it contains are the result of years of research and development which is ongoing. Without Metalier’s special binders you do not have the Metalier Coatings and its decorative metal system.

There is a choice of 3 binders:

Each of the three formulations has its own particular applications and benefits.  Which one is right to use will depend on the substrate and whether the surface is horizontal or vertical.  Each binder has its own page on this site so you can find out more about the properties of each one.

Second is the metals.

The Metalier decorative metal system is available in the following metals:

…and an infinity of other shades which are mixed by applicators to our formulation or yours


The extras are also important to the Metalier metal finishes system.

You wouldn’t be able to create our textures without the thickener and you certainly need thinner and Hot Weather Retardant (for the water-based system) in warmer climates.  We have also created our own range of patinas and have imported into the range a Metal Nano Coat to seal the metal finishes and prevent oxidisation.

Metalier decorative metal system offers many benefits. Here are some:

  • Offers excellent surface protection and dramatic visual appeal.
  • Allows a light-weight, real metal finish to be cost-effectively applied over complex surfaces.
  • Offers a seamless metal coating solution.
  • Presents a variety of surface textures.
  • Has a high metal content resulting in an extremely strong, durable metal coating.
  • Creates a final product that is waterproof and UV resistant.
  • Gives a high level of surface protection when used in conjunction with primers and sealers.
  • Is highly resistant to knocks, cracking and peeling.
  • Does not shrink after application.
  • Will not support a flame.
  • Does not conduct electricity and is non-galvanic.
  • All metal finishes, except iron, are non-magnetic.

Learn how Metalier Coatings can help you to create something different:

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