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Designers and specifiers are provided, on request, with samples of a variety of the finishes and metals available. Contact us to obtain samples.

Specification Sheets are also available – please contact us for these.

Typically, a designer or other specifier will select the finish required with the client, with or without our help and guidance.

Then the joiner or builder making the object to be coated will contact us for a quote and lead times. The work is delivered to our workshop by the manufacturer. They will also pick it up when the job is finished.

It is our regular practice to get sign-off on a larger sample before any job proceeds unless it is a standard polished finish.

For ideas where you can use our coatings please see our pages for architects and designers, boat builders and landscape architects, for sign-writers and for the film industry.

We make it easy for you to specify Metalier Coatings. We can help you quickly assess the feasibility of liquid metal as a design element, and estimate the material and labour costs for any particular job. We’ll help you value-engineer your project to find the most cost-effective options to satisfy your client.

Our experience

Granlyn has had over eight year’s of experience working with all aspects of the Metalier technology. We are experts in all three of the exclusive Metalier binders – the high-performance solvent and our two unique water-based and flexible binders.

No job is too big or too small for us

No job is too big or too small for us to tackle. Granlyn orchestrated and trained the applicators who created a bank of escalators in Harrods of Knightsbridge. This job was so huge that the roof had to be lifted off to install the escalators.

We also completed a 90 square metre “cloth of gold” in our flexible binder. This was for a Royal Shakerspeare Company’s production of King Lear. The cloth was walked on by the actors in the first act and finally lifted to the ceiling where it wafted in the breeze.

We have also recently completed a three storey lightbox for a cruise liner. Contact Alison on the link below for your huge projects and your small ones too.

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Incorporate into your production process

Metalier Coatings offer a unique opportunity to add value and differentiation to a wide range of products and substrates. A thin layer of liquid metal can turn a common substrate into an uncommon work of art and increase the value to your clients. We work closely with manufacturers of furniture, fixtures, artistic pieces etc to make liquid metal a profitable part of their business. Whether it’s volume production or a one-off custom piece we can help and we will train businesses wishing to take Metalier into their production lines.  Contact us

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